Looks like my work week is going to now be four days

The new schedule was up when I got to work today and I’m on the same schedule I was on this week.  I like only working four days a week, but I won’t like it when I get the paycheck.  I got home early this afternoon so I decided to call AT&T to get our phone/internet/wireless bill reduced.  I managed to get it down by $60 which is helpful.  Now to find other ways to cut expenses.

I also moved the used refrigerator into what is now dubbed refrigerator/freezer alley and turned it back on.  It’s been keeping the food and milk cold and the other refrigerator does run a good bit so maybe because this one is louder than the one in the kitchen it disturbs me more.  Also, Wally and I ate supper really late last night and that could have contributed to my bad night of sleep.

I checked our electricity usage and the past few months have been either the same as or a little bit less than last year so it seems the refrigerator isn’t running up the electricity bill as I imagined it was.  Like I said this morning, we can’t afford $300 or more for a new refrigerator.

On Sunday, one of the women that I used to ride with on the weekends is coming to pick me and Ace up to take us to a location to ride with some other ladies.  I’m looking forward to it.  She wants me to take Sudi, but because I didn’t get his feet trimmed, I’ve elected to take Ace instead.  I talked to Wally tonight about Sudi and we’ve agreed that the chances of selling him without taking a huge loss are slim.  I don’t know who is buying those high dollar horses advertised on endurance.net.  So, Sudi will hang around for now and we’ll see what happens with him.  Perhaps Ace can be a stepping stone/confidence builder so that ultimately I can feel comfortable riding Sudi.  Sudi is fat as a stuffed pig right now so feeding him over the winter shouldn’t be too bad.

I need to go out and water the garden and get the evening chores, except milking, done.

Until later …