I’m a bachelorette for four days in a row!!!!

Not so sure I like my bachelorette status, but it is sort of nice to just lay low and do whatever I feel like, eat whatever I want, etc.  Na!  I’d much rather have Wally here.  He arrived in Ohio around 12:30 so now I can relax until it’s time for him to head back on Monday.  On his way back, he’s picking up three rabbit does: two Cremes and one Chin.  They are coming from a couple who are doing exactly what we are as far as homesteading and raising animals on other-than-commercial food so I’m sure the rabbits will be very nice.  The Cremes I got from the local breeder are doing okay, but they don’t seem to have the vibrancy that the Chins do, especially the ones I got from the homesteading couple.  There was a posing on a rabbit list that I’m on saying that her Cremes reach five pounds in 70 days by feeding them unlimited pellets.  She said that a boy bought one of her kits and didn’t feed it straight pellets instead adding other food and at 70 days in only weighed 3.5 pounds.  I’d much rather feed our rabbits (and other animals) more wholesome food, even if it meant that they grew slower.  The woman I’m getting the rabbits from said that hers get to five pounds at about 16 weeks.  That’s perfectly acceptable to me.  I can see why some people want to grow them out as quickly as possible, but is their meat as healthy as that from an animal that is fed more wholesome food?

I sent the City Farm book on CD with Wally to listen to on his trip.  He said he was enjoying it and could see a lot of similarities with what we are doing.  No, we haven’t taken to dumpster diving to feed our animals, but we surely do a lot of foraging for food in areas other people do not.

I’ve already been out and did some of the chores.  It looks like we are going to get some rain tonight so I may not have to water the garden.  Both horses are out being “yard horses” and the goats are out in the side pasture browsing.  I still need to milk, gather eggs and finish up watering and then I’m done for the evening.

I was thinking as I was milking this morning that I’ve become quite accomplished at “growing and harvesting” milk, eggs and beef.  If only I could become accomplished at growing and harvesting vegetables.  I’m excited about the fall garden and hope it produces well.  I plan to plant all of the beds with greens and lettuce for us and the rabbits; hopefully rabbit “harvesting” will go well too.  I just ordered some more Agribon row cover to extend my harvest.  Rain, possibly heavy rain, is forecast for Monday through Wednesday so I’ll need to cover the beds where I planted tiny seeds to keep them from getting washed away.  I’m looking forward to the rain.  We need it.  Unfortunately it may put a damper in our Wednesday plans to get the ShelterLogic hay house up, but we put another one up in the rain so I guess we can do the same with this one.  We need to start getting hay put up for the winter.  Hopefully the pastures will hold up better than they did last year.  A woman is fencing in a pasture adjacent to ours.  There’s a good-sized strip between the two pastures so depending upon what kind of fence she puts up, we may be able to utilize this strip which will be really, really good.

It’s hot sitting here so I’m going to get away from the computer.

Until later …