Sudi Success!

I went out yesterday afternoon with the intention of fitting the Marciante saddle and breast collar to Ace because I was planning on taking him on the ride Sunday.  Well, Ace had other ideas and even with a bucket of grain, wouldn’t let me catch him.  Sudi was standing at the gate saying catch me! catch me! so I did.  I got him saddled up with the barrel saddle and off we went.  I rode him for over two hours and everything went fine.  The new bit gave me the advantage when he put his nose in the air with the intention of going his way.  I won’t say I wasn’t scared, I was, but it felt good to ride him.  I called Wally when I was well into the ride letting him know I was riding.  Wally assumed I was riding Ace, but I corrected him telling him Ace wouldn’t let me catch him so I was riding Sudi.

I intended to catch both horses this morning and put them up in their free-standing stalls just in case we couldn’t get Sudi loaded on the slant load trailer, but Ace didn’t come up with Sudi when I whistled so I just put up Sudi.  He loaded just fine and off we went.

The ride was good except one of the women fell off her young Arabian.  Something got him rattled and he spun around, like a cat as Arabians do and she got flung off him.  The horse then bolted back directly into Sudi and I.  That was scary and luckily Sudi handled it well and I stayed in the saddle.  Throughout the ride, Sudi did a lot of stumbling, which was to be expected given he hasn’t had his feet trimmed in about three months.  One of the ladies that rode with us knew Sudi when he was with his previous owner.  All three women told me I’d be crazy to sell him. When they dropped us off, they looked at Ace and were impressed with his conformation.

So, the plan is to ride Ace around the house because *I* need miles in the saddle, no matter what saddle it is, and ride Sudi on the weekends when I’m able to ride with other people.  I know that there’s little chance I’ll ever be able to ride Sudi in an endurance race, but I can train like I’m going to and maybe one day things will get better.

All and all, it’s been a great weekend.  I haven’t accomplished a whole lot other than what I did with Sudi, but that’s okay.  I’ve done a few of the chores outside and need to go out in a little bit and do more, primarily, getting the beds with the tiny seeds covered so the rain doesn’t wash away my little seeds and bringing up hay for the goats.  I’m pretty tired, probably from the stress of riding.

Geez, I took a shower this morning, but you wouldn’t know it given how I smell right now.  It’s so darned humid out there.  I’ll be taking another shower before the day’s over.

Until later …