Surfaces, People, etc. Exposure Update

The puppies have already been exposed to many different surfaces: linoleum, wood, grass and dirt; they’ve met many different people at home (they haven’t gone off the property yet); they’ve met cats. This weekend I plan to take them to a local nursing home. I often walk around the house banging pots together, I always drop and knock over things making all sorts of noise. They’ve heard the TV and radio, meat grinder of course (the cats respond to that like a can opener). They are now eating two meals of solid food a day and doing well with that. They’ve had welded wire fence (very light) and small pieces of lattice fall on top of them (not in the planned exposure, but oh well). They’ve “rode” in a cat carrier down to the pond; they have been dragged across the floor in a child’s swimming pool; they’ve been transported in and out of the house in various boxes and a laundry basket. When I put their food down for them, I click a clicker several times to expose them to that noise. If all goes well tonight, I plan to start basic clicker training with them.