Looking forward to the rain and cool down.

Also looking forward to Wally’s return home.  If all goes well, I’ll see him again in about 12 hours; which is 12 hours too long.  I’ve missed him terribly.  He told me last night when we talked that he was ready to come home.  I would have been ready to come home almost immediately after arriving there.  I’m not much of a traveler.  I like being home.

Yesterday afternoon, I got the beds covered with Agribon and I brought up an extra wheelbarrow of hay and put it in the hitching area off the milk parlor and covered it with a tarp.  I feel sure when it comes time to feed the goats tonight, it will be raining so hard that we won’t want to uncover the big bale of hay. When I go out to milk, I’ll close down the doors on the rabbit barn so rain won’t blow in and get the rabbits and their food wet.

I wonder if it will be busy at MM today.  I’m sort of thinking it won’t be, but it’s hard to say.  A lot of Labor Day festivities have been cancelled and I’m sure many cook-outs will be rained out, unless of course they have a covered area to grill in.  Hopefully they won’t decided to come out and get pizza so I can get in, get my work done and get out so I can be home in case there’s really bad weather.  I’d like to get the house cleaned before Wally gets home as it’s become embarrassingly dirty.

I’ll have to take a sponge bath this morning.  The hot water handle in the shower is stripped and I can’t get the hot water to turn on and I’m not interested in taking a cold shower.  Guess Wally will have a small indoor project to accomplish on Tuesday.

Not much to say this morning.  I’m back to being anxious about Wally traveling.  Today will be even worst than Friday because he’ll be driving through rain probably for the whole trip.

Off to get the milking and other chores done before the rain really sets in.

Until later …