Back to the rat race.

Wally and I had a wonderful day off yesterday.  We had errands to do, namely dropping Yoda off for service and new brakes, then we headed off to get grain and then deer apples.  We got a 50 pound bag of Gala seconds for $6.00.  Sure, some of them are bad, but for the most part, they are good, perfectly edible apples.  In addition to eating them ourselves, we’ll feed them to the goats, rabbits and of course the horses.  When we got back from our errands, we worked on closing the poultry out of the rabbit barn.  Easier said that done.  It still needs work, but it’s almost done.  It was overcast and gloriously cool all day.  It’s cool this morning.  I’m wearing a sweat shirt, there are no fans running, the refrigerators haven’t been running much and the lap top is very cool to the touch.  I milked pretty late last night and I wore a sweatshirt the whole time.  It’s been a long time since I haven’t been sweating while I milked.

Of course I wanted to ride yesterday, but that didn’t happen.  There’s always something to be done around here.  On Saturday, I am riding with the same ladies I rode with on Sunday.  We are going to the same place, which is much closer than South Mountain.  We can’t get as many miles in, but it’s still a nice place to ride.  I’m going to take Ace this time.  The farrier is coming out on Monday to trim Sudi.  Until he gets his feet trimmed, I am not going to ride him; he’s too clumsy.  I really don’t need two horses, but right now, I couldn’t decide which horse I could do without.  I haven’t found any new marks on him from Sudi’s teeth I think they are getting along better.  Sudi is the boss and Ace seems to have accepted that. Either that or he feels better now and is more able to get out of Sudi’s way.

Wally is on his way to work after being off for six days in a row; that’s a rude awakening.  I know he had a good mini vacation and very much enjoyed his trip to Ohio.  I work two days, then I’m off two days.  I am afraid I may be scheduled to work next Saturday.  Unfortunately, I’m going to have to work some Saturdays in order to get more hours in.   It still sucks that he’s giving my week day shifts away to the other prep lady, but it is what it is right now.  I asked if they’d let me train on the pizza line and he said yes, but I sort of think it is not going to happen.

Got the AT&T bill via e-mail this morning.  After spending about 45 minutes on the telephone last week, the bill is the same as it has been.  The only thing that changed is she upgraded our Internet (it’s a special offer and is less than regular service), but didn’t change anything else.  You can bet I’ll be on the telephone with them again today and it won’t be a pleasant conversation.  This time I am going to cut it down to the bare bones which means no land line, no super high speed Internet and the minimum minutes on our wireless plan than we can get.  Screw their bundling crap.  Once our contract with AT&T is over, I’m going to switch cell phone service to Verizon.  AT&T cell service sucks.

Yesterday we took up the last bed near the house and took the Agribon covers off the beds in the garden.  I was pleased to see lots of seeds sprouting.  It’s hard to say how well my new method of sowing tiny seeds worked.  In some places the seedlings look a little crowded, but that may have been due to the rain, too aggressive watering the day I sowed them or shifting of the marker boards I used when I was sowing the seeds.  Perhaps a better option would be to water the beds before I sow the tiny seeds and instead of using the marker boards, using a string to mark the rows.  I am going to master this gardening thing.  The Zucchini Rampicante plant that is still going strong in the planter has grown several fruit.  One was about two feet long and was on the ground.  Unfortunately, the poultry decided that the fruit looked tasty enough to eat.  I think the rest of the fruit is too high for the two legged destroyers-of-everything to get at.  When I was inspecting the volunteer melon plant in the garden, I saw squash bugs meandering around the plant.  I squashed several of them while I was down there.

Wally was snoring early this morning so I put ear plugs in.  This seemed to result in some horrific, vivid dreams.  Rarely do I remember my dreams, but I remembered these two.  First I dreamed that a young black boy broke into my apartment (I wasn’t living here in the dream) and started shooting at me.  Luckily he was a poor shot and never hit me.  My brother came up behind him and shot him in the back which stopped his shooting.  I remember I had to call in sick to work (MM) after it happened and it turned out lots of people called in sick on the same day due to some water contamination at the restaurant.  Weird, huh?  In my next dream, I had a huge worm burrow under the skin of my abdomen.  Wally dug it out with his pocket knife.  Out the giant worm came along with a ton of puss.  Lovely … maybe I should avoid using ear plugs.

Off to milk.

Until later …