Looking for the silver in the lining.

The schedule was up when I got in to work and next week I work Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.  My understanding of my discussion with the manager was that if I was willing to work on Saturday I’d get another day back.  Guess that wasn’t the case, but with the days I am working, I can likely get more hours in.  I’m trying to accept that this reduction in hours is just temporary and that soon I’ll get my regular days back.  I worked pretty steadily all summer and given how hot it was all summer, I would not have been able to get much done around the farm if I did have extra time off.  The weather is just glorious right now and I can get things done outside so I should just enjoy the extra time off.

Yesterday morning I e-mailed I woman I used to ride with to see what her schedule was like next week.  She e-mailed back and said this week she was moving to a different farm that borders a really, really nice place to ride.  We are planning to try to get together on Thursday.  I’m excited that she’s moving because she’s pretty close to me and that farm is probably one of the nicest places I’ve ever ridden through.

I watered the garden last night and it’s looking good.  I was tired and almost didn’t water it, but I said to myself, “Michelle, get your butt down there and take care of that garden!  It’s your future food source!”

Now it’s time to take care of the other food source: milk and rabbits!!!  Rabbits: hopefully the two older Creme does are bred and will be due this week.  One would think that getting rabbits to breed and produce kits is easy, but so far, it hasn’t worked out too well for me.  Last week one of the supposedly-bred does bit me when I put my hand in the cage.  While I don’t like getting bit, I think that may be a good sign that she’s bred.  The other supposedly-bred doe is next to the buck and whenever he tries to talk trash to her, she grumps and carries on.  Hopefully another good sign.

Last night when I was picking up meat scraps, the owner of the shop told me that if I didn’t feed grain to the steer that we are going to get butchered that his meat would be “watery.”  Interesting the myths that surround raising animals in an alternative manner.  I told Wally what he said and I could see his wheels turning … better feed him some grain … better feed him some grain … better feed him some grain.  Fingers crossed that his meat will be tasty; otherwise I may be in trouble.

Until later …