Training Update

Because I was sore from falling down the stairs on Saturday and then with the swollen finger, I haven’t done a whole lot of training this week.  I’ve used Gel to move sheep and calves around but that’s been about it.  Of course, there’s always maintenance training going on with all three dogs, especially the puppies.

A local woman called me yesterday about coming over today so that I could give her pointers on training her Australian Shepherd puppy.  I just called and postponed our meeting until early next week when hopefully I’ll feel better.

I mentioned earlier that bringing Josey into the house was stressing her out and that I wasn’t going to push it.  Ha!  That changed!  She now all but runs me over to come into the house.  She settles in her crate now too.  I can’t leave her loose in the house at this time because she’s obsessed with working the cats. 

The repeat breeding of Josey was born yesterday.  Four puppies, three females and a male.  My name is on one of them.  I’ll go out in a few weeks and look at them to see what I think of them.  I like Josey a lot and am glad I had the opportunity to play with her so I could essentially try her out.  She’s got a lot of grit and “want to” to her, which I like a lot.  I’ll have to watch the eye though to make sure my puppy, if I take one, doesn’t end up sticky.  Wally hasn’t seen Josey since we picked her up the Sunday before last and he was impressed with how much she’s changed; same with my landlady who saw her last night.

Wally and I did a crate swap last night.  He’s had 32 and 36-inch crates that belong to me for a while now.  I haven’t needed them until I got Josey, who can fit into a 30 inch crate, but it’s tight.  Last night Wally brought my 36 inch crate back and I set that up in the living room for Josey.  I have a 34 inch travel crate in the bedroom for her.  I had the brainy idea of taking down the 42 inch crate that I have in the bedroom for Gel and letting Wally take that for now so he doesn’t have to buy another one.  He bought a 48 inch crate second hand, but he needed another one larger than 36 inches for Pyro.  Taking down the 42 inch crate from my bedroom gave me a lot of extra room.  Gel doesn’t use the crate any more except to go in there for his canine cooler which I took out and put on the floor.  If, for some reason, I had to crate Gel at night, I could use the 42 inch that I have in the living room.  Who has room for furniture when you have crates every where?

Wally now has four dogs:  Kessie, Pyro, Joe (Kessie’s brother) (all Border Collies) and a Rat Terrier named Masey.  He has a car-full whenever he goes anywhere with all four.  My number of dogs is limited to three given that’s all I can fit in my car.