Things are looking/feeling better … I think …

I only worked about four hours yesterday before I was sent home due to lack of business.  Hopefully I’ll get a few more hours in today, but there’s no guaranty of that.  Oh well.  I figured I’d make use of the extra time and take advantage of the lovely weather and ride Sudi.  The farrier trimmed him that morning and when I played with him for a few minutes before taking him back down to the pasture, he was floating like a butterfly.  He was moving a whole lot better than he had been.  When I got home, I got changed into riding clothes and hauled the saddle, etc. down to the trailer and went down to catch him.  As always, he cooperated with that and I got him saddled up and played with him some more.  The longer we played, the more excited he got and then turned into a bucking and rearing bronco.  He loves the games we play.  I played with him for quite a bit long before I got into the saddle, hoping that his bucking and rearing wasn’t going to continue.  It did not and we had a good ride, but I’m still scared.  Hopefully that will go away in time.  He’s still clumsy and I think that’s because he’s not balanced: his front end is much more substantial than his rear end and he’s working off his front end, not to mention he tends to now look where he’s going.

I had to cancel my riding date on Thursday: I can’t afford the gas.  I’m tentatively scheduled to go to South Mountain on Sunday for a long, slow, climbing ride and I can’t do both.  I’ll get more bang for the buck going to South Mountain and that’s the type of ride that Sudi needs right now.  It sucks being poor.

Speaking of bucks: we aren’t going to keep the one we have.  I spoke to Wally a few days ago about setting up a place to keep him, but we both know that’s much easier thought of than done.  He’s a big, powerful beast and it would take a lot to keep him separate.  We have no way to run power to an appropriate place to use an electric fence and cattle panels are too expensive (and he’d likely be able to crawl over those if we didn’t use hot wire).  We’ll keep him a few more weeks to make absolutely certain all of the does are bred and then he’ll go on to a new home.  While it is nice getting all of the does bred at approximately the same time, but dealing with a full-grown buck is difficult.  He was brave enough to go into the free-standing stall where I was feeding Sudi and got into his food.  It’s a good thing I was there to shoo him back out otherwise he likely would have been flung across the paddock.  No one eats Sudi’s food.

I think as long as I shop for a buck with good genetics to use every year, I really don’t need to keep a buck through the year.  I suppose keeping a young buck into the next year wouldn’t be so bad, but these full-grown beasts … nope.  And damn they stink!!!!  You go outside and you are immediately hit by his odor.  I can smell it in the house.  Gross!

We are heading for a MAJOR cool down towards the end of the week.  I talked to Wally about the coming winter.  We have been using kerosene as an additional heat source and we may not be able to afford to do that this year.  We’ll have to put on layers of clothes and cuddle together to stay warm while we watch television.  We will still have to use the heater in the bathroom to take the chill out before taking our showers.

I know little about Obama’s new jobs plan, but I hope it passes and that it makes a difference.  This job situation is getting more and more difficult to deal with.  I asked about training to make pizza when I got into work yesterday, but I realize that they are not going to let me do it.  I really don’t know why, they probably think I can’t do it.  Oh well.  I’ll just bide my time and see what comes of things.  Heck, one of the pizza makers got cut before 1:00.  It’s hardly worth the price of gas to drive in.

Until later …