Last hot day?

It was up close to 90 degrees yesterday afternoon.  We turned on the A/C for a little while.  It’s cool this morning and I’m writing this in shorts and a sweatshirt.  Today is going to be close to 90, Thursday the low 80’s and then Friday: 60 degrees!!!!  That’s freaking stupid.  Talk about a shock to the system.  I’ll have to plan a cold weather meal for Friday.  I’m thinking about shepherd’s pie using sausage instead of ground beef.  Those beautiful blue casserole dishes that I bought at Goodwill a while back are calling to me.  Monday evening, I dug some ground beef from the first Jersey we raised on goat milk out of the freezer and we had taco salad last night.  Well, taco salad without taco chips which makes it a non-taco salad, but it was still good.  We are going to have the same thing tonight (so I can use up the Romaine before it goes bad), but Wally is going to stop and get some taco chips on his way home.  I also asked him to get some ripe bananas so I could make banana bread tomorrow.

Today’s goal: get the house cleaned … I mean really cleaned.  It’s been a while since I’ve done that.  Tomorrow: banana bread and getting more seeds in the garden (and I wish it would rain to help the seeds out!).  I probably won’t ride today … it’s going to be too hot, but I will Thursday.  I’d also like to get the spare room organized and cleaned out.  Hopefully I’ll remain ambitious enough to get these things done.  I have to make good use of this time off.

Yesterday at MM was uneventful.  I actually over-prepped, but I still only got about five hours in; I guess I need to get better at milking the clock, but I’m simply too disciplined to do much screwing off while on the clock.  I’m there, I work and when I’m done, I leave.  It’s been quite slow so there hasn’t been as much prep needed.  Hopefully I can get some decent hours in Friday and Saturday.  Maybe I’ll get my five days back next week … wishful thinking I’m afraid.  I just did my daily job search and did not find anything.  I’ve been watching for the opening of a new Hampton Inn in Lincolnton and it appears I may have missed a job fair that was held the end of August.  The Inn is scheduled to open in November so maybe there’s a chance of getting in there.  The newspaper story that I read said that initially the were going to hire 15 people and then later on another 18.  Surely a hotel of that size needs more employees than that …

I like the new television ads sponsored by the democratic committee wherein Obama states that the next election is 14 months away, but the people that hired us to work for them don’t have the luxury to wait 14 months, some of them are living week to week, some even day to day.  Isn’t that the truth.  I hope his plan helps.

I best get out to milk.

Until later …