More rain!!!

As I write this, it’s raining again.  I am not going to complain because we really need it.  If the weather stays relatively warm for a few days, it will result in more grass growth.

I milked Gwen last night and she gave a full gallon.  That’s good.  She’s eating and behaving well, but the flies are horrific.  Yesterday afternoon, Wally and I rearranged the hitching area so that Gwen’s milking stall was opened up again.  It’s a little tight in there and I’ll need to do some more work on it today and tomorrow as well as getting the big fan set up so I can blow it on us while milking to keep the flies down.  On the way home, I picked up rabbit grain and some alfalfa pellets and sweet feed for Gwen when I’m milking her.  Grain is so darned expensive these days.

It was raining so hard yesterday morning the water was running down into the rabbit pen so I had to catch the two Creme rabbits that I had in there and put them back up.  They soaking wet and muddy.  Poor things.  I haven’t put the apple cider vinegar in the doe’s water yet, I need to do that.  Hopefully it will work.  I’ll probably put her in with the buck this morning and see if anything happens.  One other thing that was suggested is to switch cages: put the doe in the buck’s cage and the buck in the doe’s cage.  I’ll probably try that as well.  There’s a chance this doe has never been bred or hasn’t been bred in a long time which is why she’s being so difficult.

Wally and I are still discussing what we are going to try to get accomplished this Sunday.  I’d like to get the ShelterLogic hay house up, but that may be too much of a project for Wally given this will be his only day off.  I guess we’ll make the decision depending upon how we feel when we get up tomorrow morning.  My schedule next week is actually pretty good.  I’m off Sunday and Monday; work Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  Monday will be a good catch up day for me.  I still need to make banana bread (the last time I tried to make it, I discovered bugs had infested all of flour) and get this house cleaned.  Not to mention trying to get more seeds into the garden.

Talk about feast or famine.  Yesterday afternoon Wally and I went to the meat and venison processors and came back with three buckets of scraps.  On the way home, I was thinking about the state of our freezers (two small ones running now).  Both of them are chock full.  I don’t like chest freezers because food tends to get buried in them and it’s difficult to really know what’s in the freezer.  That’s the case with both of the small freezers.  Unless I started up the big freezer, I had no room for all the meat we got.  So, we poured it out along the fence line so that whomever wanted to eat it (chickens, dogs, cats, etc.) could.  Talk about wasteful.  That won’t happen again.  I’ll put our scrap pick-up on hold for a week, go through what I have in the freezer now and transfer all that’s in the two small freezers into the big upright freezer and then use one small freezer for scraps.  Last year we started putting the scraps into plastic shoe boxes.  There was a lot less leakage and the boxes stacked nicely in the freezer.  We were using doubled (sometimes tripled) plastic shopping bags, but they got frozen together and it was often almost impossible to get them out of the freezer.

It sounds like the rain has stopped so I best get out and get my chores done.

Until later …