The Banana Bread Factory is running.

I left with Wally this morning and drove to the local Wal-Mart to get flour and other items we needed.  When I tried to get the Banana Bread Factory running last week, I discovered all of my flour and other grains had been infested with bugs.  Such is life in the South.  The chickens enjoyed picking through the flour and grains.  I haven’t done much else this morning so far other than my normal chores.  I took almost a quart of cream off a half gallon jar of Gwen’s milk and it’s sitting on the counter top to make butter with in a few days.  I can’t believe how much cream is on her milk right now.  I also have a gallon of yogurt on the counter top.  I’ve missed yogurt made from Gwen’s milk.  Goat milk just doesn’t make very good yogurt.  Right now, I have her out in the pasture that is adjacent to our fenced-in pastured.  There’s a lot of grass there and I know she won’t leave the area so I’m taking advantage of the good grass while it is available.

Yesterday morning Wally got the frame to the ShelterLogic hay house put together.  While he was doing that, I was doing the chores and cooking breakfast.  We both stopped working around noon and I loaded up Sudi and went to South Mountain to ride with a friend.  We did an eight mile loop up one mountain, down the other side and then up another mountain.  A couple of times Sudi turned around to look at me as if to say, “what are you doing to me?”  He was breathing pretty hard during the tougher climbs.  All in all, it was a great ride.  The girl I road with hasn’t ridden in over a year, for the same reason I don’t ride a lot: it’s hard to put aside the time to ride.  She works full-time and has eight horses to care for.  Hopefully we’ll be able to ride again next weekend.  I really need to take time for myself and ride.  I really can’t ride around the house until after hunting season.

I might have got to the bottom of the lack of chicken egg laying.  While the goats were finishing their grain, I took all of the old straw out of their nest boxes and replaced it with fresh hay.  Normally, I change their nest boxes every few months, but since the ShelterLogic hay house was been destroyed, we haven’t had any straw so I haven’t changed them.  Right after I finished, I saw a lot of hens checking out the nest boxes making that singing noise that they make.  Later on in the morning, I walked by and almost every nest box had a hen in it.  Fingers and toes crossed.

The goats are still milking gang busters which is a huge improvement over last year.  They are slowing down, but not near as fast as they have in the past.  I’m hoping to be able to keep most of them going at least through the beginning of November.

I really should clean the house, but that probably isn’t going to happen today.  I did get the kitchen pretty well cleaned up, which is progress.  I have a ton of laundry to do, but until the sun comes out, which is not going to happen today, I’m not going to do it.  I’m trying to avoid using the drier as much as I can.  With all of the rain and cooler temperatures, a lot of the seeds in the garden have sprouted.  I need to get some more in, but that isn’t going to happen today because they are forecasting heavy showers later today.

Until later …