Update on the finger

I wrote on Thursday about my swollen finger and using homeopathy to cure it.  On Wednesday night I took at 30c (relatively low potency) of Silicea and I should have left it at that, but stupidly (yes, stupidly) I took a 1M dose on Thursday morning.  I don’t know what I was thinking; most likely, I wasn’t thinking.

By Thursday night, my finger was extremely swollen and painful.  It felt like it was going to explode.  Did I mention how stupid it was to take the high potency dose of Silicea?  I antidoted the Silicea with a dose of Hepar Sulph.  All homeopathic remedies have certain remedies that will antidote them.  On Friday morning, the swelling had increased and moved back down my finger.

I gave in to my fear, called in late to work and went to an urgent care center here in Lincolnton.  The receptionist took one look at the finger and said they may not be able to help me with it and might need to send me elsewhere.  Great.  I sat in the waiting room listening to a baby scream and a young boy play with noisy toys.  They called me into an exam room and the doctor looked at my finger and said, no, we need to send you to an orthopedic specialist because I might have an infection in the tendons or bones if my finger.  Great.

I went back to the waiting room to wait for the receptionist to make an appointment with the specialist.  When the noise got too much, I went back out to my car and called my homeopath, Mary.  I didn’t get her on her home phone, but did on her cell phone.  I had sent her an e-mail prior to heading to the urgent care center which she had not yet received so she didn’t know anything about the situation.  I had e-mailed her on Wednesday to confirm that it was Silicea that is best used for splinters, but didn’t tell her any more. 

I told her the situation and how much I didn’t want to go to an orthopedic specialist where he’d do who knows what to my finger.  It was really hurting at that time.  She said that while she couldn’t see the finger, she didn’t think that it was anything that I needed to be really concerned about and that homeopathy (if used properly) should work.  I then asked if she could take the time to do my whole case that day.  I have been intending to do this for months now, but I’ve been reluctant to really open up to her.  I’ve known Mary for a long time now.  I’ve never met her personally, but I’ve known her via natural rearing lists. 

There are some ugly things about me (surprised?) and I really didn’t want to share them with Mary, but I knew it was important that she know all about how I think and act as well as my physical symptoms in order to find the right remedy for me.

Mary agreed to take my case.  She told me to stop and get some epsom salts on the way home and to call me when I got home.  I had been soaking my finger in salt water, but epsom salts work better than table salt.  I called work on my way home and told them I wouldn’t be able to come in due to pending doctor appointments.

We were on the phone for about two hours and Mary prescribed the remedy Staphisagria.

I took one 30c dose and then took a nap, which is a good sign.  If the patient gets sleepy and falls asleep after getting a remedy it means that the remedy was a good one to take.  I continued to soak the finger throughout the day.  The swelling moved to the top of the middle knuckle on the finger.  The tip of my finger became much less tender.

I laid low most of the day and relaxed.  I had to put Josey up in her run because she was not settling down.  Gel and Fern seemed to know I wasn’t feeling so well and were very quiet all day.  I checked in with Mary several times throughout the day to let her know how the finger was doing and how I was feeling mentally.  By 7 PM, the pain had gone.

I slept well last night.  Got up at 6 and put the dogs out, fed the cats and went back to sleep.  I snoozed and dreamed until about 8:30 and then got up.  The swelling is almost gone, there is virtually no pain, but it is itching a bit.  Yesterday at this time, I could not use the finger to type.

Mentally, I feel really good.  I feel free.  I’m so glad I finally took the time to do a work-up with Mary because I think homeopathic treatment is going to be very good for me at this time in my life.  I’ve had some minor on-going physical complaints like sciatica and rotator cuff tendinitis in my left shoulder.  I do not sleep well most nights.  I’m extremely sensitive to touch, light and sound.  I think this will all turn out to be a very good thing.

I’ve waiting for an extreme acute condition, like this finger episode, to begin homeopathic treatment.  Often, an acute condition will lead to a chronic cure.  While Staphisagria is usually not indicated in injuries by splinter, it is indicated by injuries from a sharp instrument.  I am not 100 percent sure the finger injury was due a splinter, and given that a splinter has not re-emerged from my finger, that may well not have been the reason for the swelling.  I may have suffered a puncture wound.

As I write this, Fern and Josey are in the fenced-in area.  Gel is lying right outside the door.  I’m sitting on the couch with a cat lying next to me.  It’s warm and sunny out.  I’m not inclined to do too much of anything today.  I’m just going to take it easy.  I spent a bit of time hanging up spring/summer clothes in my closet and boxing up winter clothes.  The sheep have gone down into the back field so I suppose I’m going to need to go down there and get them before the wander off the places where they shouldn’t go.  There is a 60 percent chance of thunderstorms today, tomorrow and Monday.  I hope we get rain all three days.

I’m hoping my finger continues to get better because I need to cut up rabbit for the cats.  I’ve had rabbits in my refrigerator, ready to prepare for the cats, but up until today, my finger has been way too sore to cut up rabbits.  Yesterday afternoon I was barely able to open up a jar of tomato sauce.