Just a few minutes …

I have just a few minutes to write.  As is often the case, I find myself sitting in front of the computer researching, reading, researching, reading and loose all track of time.  Yesterday morning I got slowed down with having to separate the cows and of course rabbit rape.

I did find something of great interest this morning: a processing plant not too far from here is going to open soon and will offer poultry and rabbit processing for small farms.  That’s great news.  I can process the rabbits without too much difficulty, but the chickens, I dread that job and getting the feathers off, no, that’s not something I really want to do.  I believe it will be opening this fall.  Yea.

Regarding rabbit rape: I have a doe that will not breed.  As I understand it, if a rabbit has not been bred for a while, they can be very difficult to re-breed.  Yesterday morning, I went out and tried to hold her in place for the buck to breed.  It didn’t work.  Yesterday afternoon we took her to a friend’s house and tried to breed her to four different bucks.  No go.  So I came home with an inexpensive young buck and the two of them are together in the dog run (a/k/a rabbit experiment pen) and that’s where they’ll stay for 30 days.  Hopefully a breeding will take place.  I didn’t want to put one of my heritage breed bucks in with her just in case she decides to injure the buck.  There’s the remote chance that she is bred (i.e. I missed a breeding), but I don’t think so.  This won’t happen again.  I’ll make sure they stay bred, except for when it’s really hot.  That means we’ll be eating a lot of rabbit.

The friend that has all the rabbits offered us a four month old female that was blind and I’ll go back and pick her up tonight after work.  She’ll be made either into rabbit sausage or rabbit stew.  I found a neat recipe for Alpine Rabbit Stew that I may try, down the road after I source all the spices.  Some of the younger rabbits will go on the grill.  Maybe this weekend we can try that.  It’s going to cool off considerably.

Work: damn … I got in yesterday and saw that the truck shipment had not been put up.  It was supposed to have been put up the night before, but that didn’t happen.  I put away all of the dry goods and everything that went in the refrigerated section of the walk-in and that’s where I drew the line.  That was hard, heavy, cold work.  Normally the guys put the truck away.  I almost broke my back.  Then I had to go and pick up produce because a produce order was not placed Sunday night.  That set me way, way, way behind and I was scheduled to go to the rabbit farm that afternoon.  I told them I had to leave at 3 and I did.  Now I’m going to be way, way, way behind today.  Lovely.  At least I’m off Thursday.  I’m getting too damned old to work this hard.  Wally’s job has been really hard on him too.

Gwen’s milk!!!!!  I don’t know where all that cream is coming from.  I made some yogurt the other day and just tried it … it is so decedent it isn’t funny.  Another nice surprise yesterday: I spoke to the vet that lives across the street and he has agreed to AI Gwen.  Hopefully that will pan out because she’s just too good a cow to give up on and the risks of keeping a breeding-age dairy bull are real.

Off to milk and do my other AM chores.

Until later …