Rejection Letter

Yesterday morning, I applied for an Intellectual Property Paralegal position at a local company.  By the time I got home from MM, I had an e-mail rejection letter in my message box.  That didn’t take long.  That’s pretty sad, isn’t it?  I applied to this company a while back for another position and received a questionnaire, which I filled out and sent back, but didn’t hear from them again.  Did I somehow get flagged as a non-candidate in their data base or is it because I am not actively employed as a paralegal.  Who knows why.  My gut is telling me I do not want to go back to a sedentary office job, but my body is telling me I am no longer 20 years old.

It’s chilly this morning.  I might go and put some long pants on before I go out to do chores, but it is going to get up to the mid-80’s today.  This will be the last day of warm weather for a while.  The low Saturday morning is supposed to be 38 degrees.  I don’t have to work today so I’m waiting for it to get light enough to see.  I don’t have to work at MM, but I have a ton of stuff to get done today.  I’d like to ride, but I may not have time.

We had butter success last night!!!  I skimmed the cream off the milk on Monday and left the cream on the counter top until yesterday afternoon at which time I handed Wally the jar and said shake! shake! shake!  Within about 20 minutes, we had butter.  Gwen gave a gallon and a half of milk last night.  When I looked at her yesterday morning, I probably could have milked her, but I didn’t.  Depending upon how she looks, I might milk her this morning.  That’s going to mean even more work in the morning.  I shouldn’t have said anything about the goats’ production because sure enough, they are all going down in production.  They were down a quart last night from what they gave yesterday evening.  Once they get down to under two gallons in the evening, I’ll go to once a day milking.  That, unfortunately, will bring production down even more, but I’m not going to milk nine goats for less than two gallons.  It isn’t worth my time or the grain they eat.  I so hope I can keep Gwen going.

Some people came out yesterday evening to get goat milk to make soap.  While we were talking in the driveway, Sudi came up to visit.  He’s such a personal horse, seeming, sometimes, more like a dog than a horse.

Wally is off next Saturday so I asked for Saturday and Sunday off at MM.  It will be interesting to see what schedule I get next week.  Hopefully they won’t bump me down to three days a week.  I’ll know tomorrow.  Normally on Fridays and Saturdays they have two prep people working, but this coming Friday and Saturday, they have me on prep and the other lady on the dual job of the hoagie line and prep.  That means she’ll work prep until close to the time the restaurant opens, then will be up front until the lunch rush dies down.  That will be around 2:00 on Friday, but on Saturday, lunch can go on all afternoon.  That means I’ll be doing most of the prep and there’s a lot of prep to be done Fridays and Saturdays.  I best get some R&R today … but there’s so much to do!

Off to do stuff.

Until later …