Peace and quiet …

Well, sort of.  The ducks are carrying out outside.  Probably wallowing in the water-filled craters that Gel and Rose dug beside the front of the house.  We need to get some dirt in the craters and then cover them with something to keep the dogs from digging them out again.  It’s cool on that side of the house, especially up against the brick foundation; it’s even cooler if you dig a hole to China to lie in.

It’s been a busy day, but one of those days where I wonder what I’ve done.  I know I’ve done a lot, but there isn’t a lot to show for it, except the garden.  I seeded two large beds with lettuce, spinach and greens and covered both beds with Agribon.  I understand sowing these seeds under row cover helps them to germinate better and that makes sense.  The beds we had under Agribon last winter did wonderfully.  Leaving them open to the sun and wind only dries them out.

As soon as I finished milking the goats and the cow (yes, she made her way up here this morning and insisted she should be milked too), I had to run to the local hardware store to buy more glass jars to put the milk in.  When I got back, I did four loads of laundry (I was behind on laundry), raided the landlord’s pumpkin patch (goats and cows love pumpkins and the seeds are natural wormers) and worked in the garden.  Then I went to the library where they had several books on tape on hold for me.  I had reserved the Hunger Game series and didn’t realize how popular that series had become until I saw a CNN news alert on it.  Apparently this series is being made into movies and is developing a cult following like the Twilight and Harry Potter series.  The librarian told me that I probably wouldn’t be able to renew any of the three books so I decided to come home and put them on my computer and then transfer them to my iPod.  After some hiccups, I got it loaded and we’ll see how that goes.  It might be good to listen to while I’m milking and doing chores and maybe while working at MM.  It would be wonderful if I could listen to a book on tape while working.

Today is my day to do all of the chores so it’s good that I was off today.

It will be interesting to see how much milk Gwen gives tonight given that she gave a gallon this morning.  Up until today, I had only milked her once a day.  I plan to mix her milk with the goat milk and make cheese out of it.  During her peak lactation, she gave two to sometimes two and a half gallons of milk. Milking in the morning is much more pleasant for both of us because it’s cooler and far fewer flies are around to attack her.

Probably no entry tomorrow morning because I need to be in to MM early.  Milking Gwen in the morning adds another 20 minutes or so of chores.  I might go ahead and dry off some of the lower producing does to save time and my hands.

Until later …