Be careful what you wish for.

I had just finished milking my second set of three goats and was getting feeders set up for the last three when I heard footsteps in the hitching area.  I thought Gel had let a goat come back through and turned around to shoo her back out, but saw it was Gwen.  She took it upon herself to come on up to be milked.  That’s actually great, I’m glad she’s in the routine of getting milked and come up on her own.  Yesterday evening, she was waiting at the door of the milk parlor when I went out to milk.  I’m trying to stay on a strict 12 hour schedule which is helping everyone.

Wally knew he was going to be off next Saturday so I put in for that Saturday and Sunday off at MM several weeks ago.  I came into work yesterday morning and the manager was sitting out in the restaurant getting ready for the staff meeting.  He told me not to freak out when I looked at the schedule, that he realized I had asked for those days off and the manager that did the schedule hadn’t seen it.  The other prep lady asked for the same days off, after I did and she had them off on the schedule.  They had me working Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It will be interesting to see what they do with the revised schedule.  It may be that I work only Wednesday and Friday of next week.  At first I thought I’d tell them that I’d work Saturday, but I decided to stick to my guns.

I went ahead and asked for November 12 off and this time, I put the date I asked for it off next to my name.  On November 12 there is a Hunter Pace event in SC and I am planning on going to that with the lady I road with last Sunday. A hunter pace is a low-key competitive event derived from foxhunting. Teams of two or three riders follow an outdoor course laid out over terrain which is meant to simulate the riding conditions encountered during a foxhunt.  It might be fun and it doesn’t cost too much money.

While I’m still wearing shorts, I am drinking coffee this morning instead of ice tea.  It’s warmer than what I thought it was going to be, but it’s still cool out and it’s dark.  The good thing about it cooling off is that the flies will be less.  They torture Gwen and no matter what type of fly spray I put on her, they still swarm her.  Flies suck.

The chickens are still giving us fits.  The processing plant isn’t opening until mid to maybe late November.  Some of them need to go.  Five eggs seems to be the number we get on a daily basis.  I am ready to completely clean the slate and start over again with the chickens.

Until later …