My Wonderful Life

I took these photographs today.  I’m using a new ultra-compact point and shoot camera that so far, I like very much.  Most ultra-compact point and shoot cameras do not have view finders, which I cannot deal with.  I can’t use an LCD screen to take photos.  The camera I’m using is a Canon A570 IS.

The finger is almost 100% healed.  It’s a bit misshapen from all the swelling, but I’m sure it will go back to normal in due time.  I was able to cut up rabbits for the cats tonight, which made them very happy.

I kept to myself today.  My big excursion was a drive to Statesville to get rabbits and a trip to Wal-Mart.  I made my famous potato salad and some chicken salad. 

All in all, everything is very, very good.