A very busy weekend …

It’s hard when you only have one weekend day off per week.  Granted, I have had more than one day off this week, but Wally has not.  While I would have liked to get more done around the house on Sunday, I knew Wally needed some R&R.  We did a few errands in the morning and around noon, he hooked up the trailer and I headed off to South Mountain with Sudi to ride with the woman I rode with last Sunday.  It was a good ride.  I can already see a difference in Sudi’s fitness level.  I rode him with a running martingale and that made a huge difference in his head set.  I would rather not have to use a running martingale, but Sudi’s habit of running through the bit is dangerous.  While I was out riding, Wally watched football games which is his R&R.  Mine is riding.

I have stopped milking the goats twice a day.  I’m tired of milking them.  It’s getting to the end of their lactation and it’s time for me to get a break.  If I wasn’t milking Gwen twice a day, I’d probably keep milking them twice a day a bit longer.  I’m so glad that Gwen is doing well with milking.  She’s slowly increasing her production.  I have a bunch of milk in the refrigerator that I need to skim the cream off to make butter.  I have two pots of goat cheese going; it’s cooled off enough so I have to put it in the bathroom with the heater going.  We could have used a heater this morning.  I wish it didn’t get so cold so fast.  It’s hard on the body.  My allergies are killing me.  I don’t know what’s worst: the allergies or how I feel after taking allergy medicine.

I’m off today and as usually have a ton of things to do.  Primarily, I need to drive to the grain mill that we get our oats and barley from and get another 500 pounds.  Starting today, I’ll be catching roosters and putting them up in the dog/rabbit run.  Once I’ve caught them all, I’ll try to sell them for a couple of dollars a piece; I don’t want to keep feeding roosters even though some of them are likely going to be big enough to use for meat if I kept them long enough.  Unfortunately, a lot of the eggs that were hatched here as well as the eggs that I bought to hatch ended up being roosters.  Once I’ve got the roosters out of the way, I’ll focus on the hens.  On my way to get grain, I’m going to pick up six White Orphington hens that are just at the laying age.  I don’t have any White Orphingtons so I’ll know when I got them and when they’ll need to be culled.

I’ve been looking closely at the hens and already have picked out several that are going to be culled because they are not laying.  I wish the processing plant was going to open sooner than it is scheduled to because I’d like to cull them soon.  We might be doing some of them at home just to cut back on the nonproductive chickens I’m feeding.

I’m so looking forward to next weekend.  Both Wally and I are off.  They straightened out the schedule at MM and I’m working Tuesday through Friday this week.  Three more days of getting up at 5AM: it seems to come earlier and earlier every day.  It doesn’t help that it’s dark and cold.  I’ve drank too much coffee this morning and that coupled with the allergy medicine has made me feel shaky.  Lovely.

It’s now light enough to see outside so I best get going and get the chores done.

Until later …