I’s a milking machine!!!!

Decided yesterday while I was milking that I prematurely cut the goats down to once a day so yesterday evening, I did the whole crew: nine goats and one cow.  It’s a wonder I still have hands left … my hands have to be made of steel!  They were hurting quite a bit yesterday though; but they feel pretty good this morning.  I worked my butt off at MM, but the day went pretty good because most of the time I was listening to a book on tape, The Hunger Games.  I’m really enjoying it.  Here is a good review of the book; I’m almost through with it and just reserved the second book in the series.  I have my iPod plugged in to make sure it’s well charged before heading in to work today.  Hopefully no one will say anything about my listening to the iPod, they shouldn’t, but you never know.  The other prep lady was working on the front line and she was in nasty mode, at least towards me; some days she’s nice to me, other days she’s not.  Whatever … I did my job and I left.  Wally was dreading going to work today; his job has been hard lately.  Is it ever going to get better?

After milking last night I went down to give Gwen a little bit of alfalfa hay and to pick up what she didn’t eat to feed to Sudi.  When I brought Sudi’s hay in, I called him and he came (good boy!) and noticed he was walking a bit oddly.  I looked closer and saw he had a piece of wire wrapped around his rear leg.  I called Wally and told him that I was going to need his help, but before he got down there, I got it off his leg by myself.  He just stood there munching his hay.  What a good a boy.

It looks like Ace is not coming back; I have mixed feelings about it.  I hate that he might be in a place where he may not be appreciated because I really thought he’d be a good horse for what she wanted.  I guess I should have just kept him, but my farming mind tells me that I don’t need to keep animals on the farm that I don’t really need.  Hopefully, if she doesn’t keep him, she’ll make sure he goes to a good home.

Skimmed off another half gallon of cream from Gwen’s milk this morning to make butter.  I have two batches of cheese in the refrigerator to mix up into flavored cheese.  I think I might try roasted garlic next, or maybe basil and garlic.  I need to make use of the basil that’s in the garden before it’s gone.

Wally and I went to bed a little after 8:00 last night.  I’m really enjoying getting the extra sleep; it’s almost as if we are getting ready for the time change early.  I read Moonmeadow’s Blog this morning where RM writes that she and DH went on a vacation to the beach last week and spent a good deal of time sleeping.  That’s what we’d do as well.  Sleeping is under-rated.

This weekend we’ll be processing at least some of the fryer rabbits.  I’d like to get all of them done, but that may be a bit ambitious.  My poor hands may not hold up to doing all of those rabbits.

The rabbit doe that I’ve been unable to get bred (I think!) has been living with a buck for about two weeks now.  I’ll take him out a few days before she’d be due if she was bred the first time around.  If she’s bred, she’ll be due around the 14th.  Lesson learned: pay attention to rabbit breeding because it’s quick.  I hate that I’ve tortured her so much trying to get her bred if she is indeed bred last month.

Until later …