A dent in the weekend plans.

I guess Ace is coming back.  I don’t really know the specifics yet, but it looks like we’ll be meeting her Saturday morning in Statesville (40 minutes away) to pick him up.  That will save her some time and mileage.  Like I said, I really don’t understand what when wrong.

We really haven’t made solid plans for the weekend.  I did want to ride both days, but that may not happen now unless I ride around here.  Riding Sudi in the open fields is not a good idea.  Something about open fields makes him hard to manage.  I can ride Ace around here so maybe that’s what I’ll do.

We really need to get the hay house finished so we can get hay up for the winter.  We were going to go to pick up some hay out of the field on Saturday, but picking up Ace may interfere with that.  We’ll see.

When I told one of the women that I ride with that I sold Ace she said, “Why in the world did you let that nice horse go anyway?”  Why indeed.

Yesterday morning I intended on milking the goats first and Gwen second, but that wasn’t how it worked out.  Before I had three goats milked, Gwen was at the door to the milk parlor ready to come in.  When Gwen is ready to come in to be milked, it’s hard changing her mind.  So I milked her then the remaining six goats.  We’ll see how this morning goes.  Maybe if I go out while it’s still dark I’ll be able to get the goats milked before Gwen figures out what’s going on.

This is the last morning for a little while that we’ll need to get up at 5AM.  Wally is off tomorrow so we can sleep in a little bit because he’ll be here to help with the morning chores.  That will be a treat.

I’ve only got a few more chapters of The Hunger Games to finish up today before I start with The Help.  Being able to listen to a book on tape while I work makes the job a bit more pleasant.  It’s still a drag though.  It’s so much work, really more work than one person should have to do, especially when the people on the front line have a good amount of down time when they could help a little bit, but it is what it is and I’m lucky to have the job.

Last night I started some marinated goat cheese.  I rolled some cheese into little balls and put them in a jar with olive oil, garlic, rosemary and whole peppercorns.  I’ll let it marinate for a few days then we’ll try it with some crusty bread.  If is good, I’ll splurge on a large can of extra virgin olive oil and make some more.  I believe I can continue to reuse the olive oil.  The jar sure looked pretty when it was done.

Even though it’s still dark, I guess I’m going to go out and start milking.

Until later …