Ace is home

Wally and I had a bet and I wish I bet money on it because I would have won.  When the woman left with Ace, she bandaged his legs up; we both so thought he was going to a great home.  I asked Wally if he thought his legs would be bandaged when he was brought back.  He said he thought so, I said no.  I was right.  I guess he wasn’t worth much to her today.  We went for a short ride this afternoon and he felt a bit odd, but I think it’s because I haven’t ridden him in a little while.  I’m planning on taking him to South Mountain tomorrow afternoon.  The saddle is not fitting him as well as it did the last time I rode him, likely because he’s lost weight.  It’s okay, he’ll put it back on.  I’ve pastured him with Gwen so he’ll be able to eat some of her alfalfa hay.  He seems happy with that arrangement.  He’s not pacing or fretting over being away from Sudi.

I’m really glad that he’s back and we are past dealing with that woman.  I don’t understand what went wrong, but I’m going to go on Wally’s bet that someone at that highfalutin probably said something about him (Ace is no blue-blooded aristocrat) which made her change her mind about whether this was the right horse for her or not.  I’m thinking she may be better off with a stuffed horse.  I hope one day to pass her in an endurance race with that scrappy horse.

Tomorrow is the day: I’ll be processing four of the seven rabbits (I’d do them all, but I don’t think my hands will hold up to processing seven rabbits all at once).  Monday morning, my friend Cynthia is coming over to help me butcher two roosters.  I got the White Orphingtons Thursday evening and they are beautiful.  The two roosters are huge and they immediately started fighting with the resident rooster, Big Red.  No one hurts Big Red!  I caught them and put them up in the dog run and on Monday, they’ll be put in the freezer, one in Cynthia’s, one in mine.  Cynthia has killed and butchered chickens before so she’ll teach me the right way to do it.

Fingers and toes crossed that I am able to do the processing and then eat the animals.  It will be a first for me.

Until later …