So what did you do today?

Me, I milked nine goats and one cow, put up the milk, washed all the buckets and totes, processed four rabbits, helped Wally get the cover on the ShelterLogic Hay House then rode my free horse (Ace) at South Mountain.  For a free horse, he rides pretty darned good.  I thought, given how tired I was, it was going to be an easy, slow ride, but Ace and my friend’s horse had other ideas.  We flew!!!!!!  It was a great ride.  Towards the end of the ride, Ace stumbled pretty bad.  I think if it had been Sudi, I might have fallen off, but there’s something about Ace’s structure that makes him easier to stay on.  It scared me, but I got through it.  Ace will be a great confidence builder for me.  We took Gel with us and he was in his glory.  As I write this, he’s sound asleep on the floor.

I feel good about the rabbits.  I think I’ll be able to eat them.  I have one in the refrigerator and tomorrow morning will cut it into eight pieces and put it in marinate so we can cook it on the grill.

Until later …