Yesterday was a day of escapees.  First the horses, then Spot.  The horses were my fault and they were easy enough to catch and put back up.  Spot is a different story.  I don’t know where he’s getting out.  Surely a 800+ pound steer can’t jump field fence.  He may be getting out down below which means we’ll be doing some fencing work tonight or tomorrow night.  This is the second time he’s gotten out.  If he continues to do so, they’ll he’ll be going to freezer camper sooner rather than later.

Both Wally and I are working Saturday so we’ll need to chip away at the things we need to get done so we won’t have to work our butts off on Sunday.  I’m pretty well committed to riding at South Mountain Sunday afternoons.  I have a good lady committed to riding with me and I’m going to take advantage of that.  I’m going to focus on Ace for now and see how he holds up to conditioning.  I think he’s a tough old bird and should do okay; if not, then I’ll ride Sudi.  It would be best, however, for me to get my feet wet on Ace.

So what did I get done yesterday?  Not as much as I wanted to, but that’s okay.  I did make a quadruple batch of oatmeal raisin cookies (which made Wally very happy) and picked up and packed up venison and beef scraps.  I also got nest boxes in with four rabbit does.  The New Zealand doe immediately started arranging her nest which is a good sign.  If the two Creme d’Argent does don’t kindle (have babies) then they’ll find another home or go in the freezer.  We decided to put a light in the rabbit barn to help with winter breeding.  I don’t want to breed during the hot months and I think the rabbit barn may be too dark to encourage breeding during the shorter days.  I’ll put the light on a timer so they’ll have about 12 hours of light.  That’s a to do thing for this weekend.

I got my schedule at MM via e-mail yesterday.  This is a new thing and I like it.  I’m working the same schedule next week.  I guess it isn’t such a bad schedule.  Hopefully I can get through the day without getting upset.  I have the second Hunger Games book ready to load on the iPod to take with me.  I only have a little bit more of The Help to finish, which hopefully I can do this morning while milking.  Listening to the book on tape makes milking go a little easier too.  The doe that I mentioned that lies down on the milk stand was doing just that yesterday morning so instead of fighting with her, I just slapped hobbles on her which prevented her from sliding the nearest rear leg forward.  It made milking her a lot easier and because I was focusing on the story, I didn’t get so irritated with her.  My hands were hurting pretty bad when I finished yesterday.

I have a load of jeans in the washer (Wally informed me this morning that he was down to one pair of jeans) and as soon as it finishes, I’m going to put another load in and hopefully I will have time to get both loads on the line before going to work.  It’s been humid, overcast and rainy almost all week so I couldn’t hang out clothes.  I could have put them in the drier, but I’m trying to avoid doing that as much as I can.  I can save a lot of energy by using the clothes line and I think clothes last longer by not drying them in a drier.  It’s more work, but no real big deal, I guess.  Everything in my life is more work these days.

Until later …