Let there be light!

Yesterday afternoon, we put lights in the rabbit barn.  they are set to come on at 6 AM and go off at 8 PM.  They were well lit up in there last night before the lights went off, but for some reason, it didn’t go on this morning so I’ll have Wally check the settings when he gets home this afternoon.  Unless I take glasses out with me, I can’t read the instructions to fix it myself.  Such is getting old!  The CA/NZ X doe was pulling hair yesterday morning and I discovered the one Creme doe that I witnessed a successful breeding was layering her nest with the cardboard shavings off the drywall board that I give the rabbits for resting boards.  The rabbits do use them for resting boards, but they also tear the cardboard off and eat the lime, which is supposed to be good for them.

Three years ago today I was laid off at my job at a large law firm in Charlotte.  I still miss that job.  I hate the one I have, but it pays the utility and some of the grocery bills.  Yesterday actually went pretty well; let’s hope today goes well too.  They are having a one year anniversary celebration today so it may be really busy, I hope not.  There’s a car race in Charlotte this weekend so maybe a lot of people will go down there.

Spot got out again last night.  We didn’t get a chance to go down and look at the fence yesterday so today we’ll have to do so.  I’m pretty sure he’s getting out through the back part of the pasture where we had the electric fence but didn’t maintain it.  I guess we’ll have to get it back in working order and maintain it, at least for as long as Spot is here.  Right now, we do not have the money available to have him processed, but if he keeps getting out we may need to find it.

It’s going to get progressively cooler into next week with Thursday’s low being 35 degrees.  I’m having trouble getting lettuce and greens to germinate properly and it may be because my seeds are from last year and have not been stored all that well.  I’m going to try to get some more sowed over the next couple of days, water them well and put them back under row cover.  The garden looks good.  We still have a lot of basil growing and the rutabaga is doing really well.  There’s sporadic growth and I haven’t harvested anything hoping that what is there will go to seed and my germination problems will be solved.  I guess that’s lazy gardening.

Tonight we’ll be eating rooster soup!!!!

I had a brain storm last night and I’m going to discuss it with Wally over the weekend.  Our current chicken houses are wire and tin covered chain link dog runs.  Unfortunately, they are both short dog runs so getting into the houses is very difficult.  I’m still thinking about the idea of running chickens under rabbits in a hoop house, but that won’t be possible unless we build a huge hoop house which likely isn’t going to happen.  We’ve pretty much shut the chickens out of the rabbit barn because they were raking through the rabbit manure and making a mess.  I want the manure to stay in place and compost, of course the chickens scratching through it is a good idea too, but I didn’t like the idea of the chickens being in there.  I may reconsider.  Right now, many of the chickens do not go up in the house and honestly I don’t blame them.  Both houses are impossible to clean so they are dirty; not that I think chickens care too much about that, but I do.  I’d love a structure that is high enough so that I can get in it to clean it and large enough so I can leave the chickens shut up until I leave for work which would force some of them to lay in the house.  Our egg production has gone up from four or five eggs a day to eight, but that’s still really low for the number of chickens we have.  I thought I heard a chicken being taken by a predator last night.  Hopefully it wasn’t one of my young layers.  The chickens and the garden are being difficult for me right now.  Wally and I may need to pick a weekend that we’ll both be off and spend two days doing something about the chicken house mess.

Off to do my chores and then head to the job … one more day to get through then two days off.

Until later …