Cottage Cheese!!!!

I made it and it’s good!!!  Thanks Rosemoon!  Now to get Wally to eat it.  Yea, right.  Maybe he’ll eat cottage cheese pancakes.

Found out where Spot was getting out.  When I went down with the goats, I didn’t see CB, the bull calf, so I worried that he may have gotten out as well.  I got the ATV and went down into the pasture.  I discovered one of the wooden fence posts had broke and the fence was completely down.  It’s a wonder the horses didn’t get out!  Then again, the horses likely wouldn’t have stepped over the field fence as readily as a cow would.  I propped the fence back up and got back to the house to get ready for hell work.

Yes, work was hell yesterday, but it’s over and I’m off for two days.  I told them that starting November 1 I had a commitment to help out with a nonprofit organization and would only be available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  We’ll see how that goes.  We all know which nonprofit organization I am helping out with.  It’s going to be gorgeous tomorrow!  I’m looking forward to it, as is the house I’m going to get cleaned!!!!

As I write this, it’s 7:30 and Wally and I are lazing around drinking coffee.  My allergies are horrible this morning.  I can barely go five minutes without having to blow my nose.  We are having an “easy up” day.  Gwen is up at the milk parlor waiting on us.  Hold on Gwen, one more cup of coffee and I’ll be out.  Maybe there will be new rabbit babies this morning.  Here’s hoping.

Wally fixed the fence when he got home from work and mowed along side the fence which had turned into a jungle.  He’s tired … we won’t be doing a lot today.

NEWS FLASH: Just got back from milking and discovered the CA/NZ X doe kindled: seven babies!!!  Yea!!! We’re finally in the meat rabbit business!!!!

Until later …