It’s 42 degrees with a wind chill of 36 degrees.  That’s a rude awakening given it’s been in the mid-80’s the past few days.  That means on the list of things to do today is getting the row covers back on my meager crops.  I found some unopened lettuce seed packages that I’m going to sow and then keep the rows covered and see how that goes.  What little bit of rain we got yesterday is not going to do much good with the wind blowing as hard as it is.  My green bean plants have flowered so hopefully they’ll keep going and produce beans under the row cover.  We’ve been saving grain sacks to fill with dirt to use to help hold the row covers down.  I was going to fill them with sand, but we still have that big pile of compost so I might as well use that and in the spring when I take the row covers off, I can just dump the compost in the beds.

I’ve got a lot to do today …

Work went fine yesterday.  There was a lot of work to do; I didn’t get finished until almost 4:00, but everything went well.  I finished the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy.  I’ll load up the third book today so I’ll have it to listen to tomorrow.  I’m looking for the new schedule via e-mail today.  I wonder if they’ll switch my schedule this week or next.

We are going to try to ride 15 miles on Sunday.  I told the woman I ride with that I have two critters needing the miles.  One is a hay-burner, the other is a carnivore.  I still can’t believe Gel ran 12+ miles last Sunday and was still an energizer bunny when he got home.  That dog has stamina to burn.

I got two rabbits re-bred yesterday.  I tried to get the two young American Chinchilla does to breed, but no go for them.  They are still pretty young as are the bucks I’m breeding them to.  I bred the New Zealand doe to my largest American Chinchilla buck.  No go on the one Creme doe that refuses to breed.  Not sure what I’m going to do with her.

I’m drinking too much coffee and really need to quit that because I think it’s making my stomach upset.  Speaking about an upset stomach, the news coverage of the exotic animals that were let loose from the private farm in Ohio makes me very ill.  I hate that it happened, all because of stupid humans.  Keeping exotic animals like that should have never been legal to begin with.  Those animals probably led miserable lives to begin with; they are probably better off dead.  Poor creatures.

I guess I can’t put off going outside any longer.  It’s not quite light out yet and it’s cold, but I guess I have no choice.  I am still wearing shorts.  Guess I better go and put some long pants on.

Until later …