The good, the bad and the ugly

The Good

Fern is going to work cattle!  I took her down with me when we brought the sheep and cattle up from the lower pasture.  Once I got the calves into the fenced-in area, I let Fern loose.  She immediately went around behind them and brought them to my feet.  She’s going to heel too, which will make moving cattle a lot easier than it is for a dog who only heads.

I am getting a puppy from the repeat of Josey cross!  I get last pick (after the owners of the bitch and dog), but the genetics are more than there so it’s up to be to nurture the puppy.  All of the puppies from the first cross went to seasoned Open handlers, as are the puppies from the second cross, except me of course, so I’m honored to be getting one.

I spoke with Marcus for about an hour and a half last night and hopefully we’ll get together on Wednesday. 

E-mail blocking so you don’t have to read ugly, two-lined, poorly constructed e-mails from stupid individuals who don’t know how to use spell check.

The woman I wrote to yesterday to apologize for disagreeing with her on work ethic wrote and told me that an apology wasn’t necessary.

The Bad

Ummmm, ahhhh, oh, my finger still hurts some.  I had a hard time thinking of something bad, most everything is good.

The Ugly

I averted a potentially ugly situation yesterday by giving the person what she thought she wanted.  What she doesn’t realize is that I got what I wanted, or really, what I didn’t want. 

Ticks!  I hate ticks!  They suck, quite literally.  I pulled a ton of them off Gel and Fern last night.  Agh!  I am not going to use Frontline.  I ordered Pooch Powder and Tick Blend Lotion from Flutterby Aromatics today.  I was told their work well.  My dogs hate getting sprayed with essential oils so maybe powder and applying lotion to the “contact areas” will be more acceptable to them.  The essential oil blend that I made does work against mosquitoes.  I used it myself Sunday morning while down in the back setting my ElectroNet where I had become a mosquito magnet.  It worked perfectly.

Sometimes lessons can be hard learned, but I have to learn to listen to my gut feelings.  If something doesn’t feel right to me, it likely isn’t and the sooner I go by my gut feeling, the better off I will be.