Loosing days …

Yesterday just went … it seems like I got up and before I knew it, it was time to do PM chores.  It doesn’t feel like I got much of anything done.

When I picked up meat scraps I made an appointment to have Spot processed the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Wally is off all of that week (I hate him!) so he can bring him in the morning on Tuesday (the day they process cows).  The owner of the business has been very good to me by saving meat scraps for the dogs and cats.  It’s nice having a source for free or almost-free meat.  It’s great to use something (lots of things!) that would normally get thrown away.  When he put me in the calendar, he asked for my last name, which I gave him, then I gave him the name of the cow he’ll be processing.  He looked at me and said, “I don’t need that information.”  Well, he has a name, just like I do.  It’s going to be hard taking Spot, but it’s time, it’s past time actually.  I’ve been trying to clear out at least one of the small freezers in preparation for the meat.  Spot should dress out at about 400 pounds hanging weight which will me at least 200 pounds of meat.  I’m thinking it may be closer to 300.  We’ll sell some of it in an attempt to recover some of the processing cost.

We use a lot of things that would normally have been thrown away.  For example, when they tray pizza dough at MM, I’ll often take the plastic bags the dough comes in and reuse them for trash can liners in the house.  I keep all of the vegetable scraps, bringing them home in garbage bags that we re-use for trash can liners outside.  I bring home a lot of food scraps (as many as the lazy-ass servers put in the trash can) for the poultry (and dogs!).  It’s not a lot, but what we can save by using what others throw away helps us out.

I heard on the news that the number of millionaires has grown by 18 percent.  That’s unreal!  Wally and I have slipped to close to poverty level … well, not really, but it seems like it.  We certainly do not have a lot of expendable income.

When I checked the baby rabbits yesterday afternoon I found one was away from the pile and was cold, but still alive.  I brought it inside and warmed it up and then put it back out in the pile.  I’m afraid I may find it dead this morning, but maybe not.  When I picked up the rabbit cages, the man that made them said that he’s having a hard time getting his rabbits bred too.  While I was there last, he had bred at least a half a dozen rabbits and only had one litter born.  I’m going to have to figure out a way to breed into the warmer months because it seems rabbits don’t like to breed when the days shorten.

Yesterday morning, the goats only gave a gallon and a half of milk.  If that happens again this morning, then I’ll go down to milking just three or four goats.  I sure wish I could sell all of the goats and buy another cow.  I can milk Gwen once and get a gallon and a half (or more) of milk.  Granted, she eats more food than three or four goats, but … She’s been really, really good about milking.  I think she likes the grain we’ve been feeding her; it’s like candy.

I didn’t get my schedule from MM yesterday via e-mail so around 5:30 I called and asked the person that answered if the new schedule had been posted yet and was told yes.  Oh no!  Am I on the schedule or did I not get an e-mail because I’m not on the schedule.  I’m so paranoid.  I asked what manager was on duty and since it wasn’t the general manager, I asked to talk to him.  I lied saying I needed to make an appointment next week and wanted to know what days I’m working: the same schedule as this week.  Starting the week after next week is when I (hopefully) won’t be working on weekends.  Wally isn’t working this weekend and on Saturday he’s going to go and watch a fly ball tournament.  I’d rather work than go and watch a fly ball tournament!  I think …

Hopefully I can get through today … I haven’t loaded the third Hunger Games book on my iPod and need to get that done before going to work, at least part of it.  I meant to do that yesterday, but it didn’t get done.  I didn’t get a lot done yesterday.  It’s cold again this morning.  I heated my udder wash water.  It’s a good morning to hug a cow.

Until later …