People are too Stupid to Cook

Read this article.  How true it is.  In my opinion, people are too stupid to cook and to do a lot of other things.

I frequently get e-mails from people wanting to come out to see the farm to buy farm products.  Many want to bring their children so they can teach their children where their food comes from.  I got such an e-mail several weeks ago.  I told the woman I wish I had a dollar for every e-mail I get like this and then another dollar for every one that never makes it out or comes out once and then decide that it’s just too much work getting food from a farm.  It’s so much easier going to Wal-Mart or as the above article states, buy processed, ready-to-eat food.  This morning I wrote the last woman (who insisted that she was different than the rest) and told her that our products are pretty sold out for the year and to check back with me next year.

Wally is really enjoying the homemade cookies I made earlier this week and last.  He’s raving over the pumpkin, white chocolate chip cookies.  I ate one last night and they are really good.  I’ll make more as soon as I can.  Sure it takes time and effort to make things from scratch, but they are so much better for you and of course cost much less money.  Back when I had money, I used to buy these decedent breakfast cookies from a local grocery store chain.  I’d often get them marked down, but even marked down, they were expensive.  I think they were something like $4 for six cookies.  I don’t think the entire double recipe of cookies cost me $4 to make.  I also don’t think this grocery store chain still has these cookies, maybe people were not willing to pay that much money for cookies.  Much better to spend a couple of dollars on a big package of Wal-Mart brand cookies.

Well, here it is 7:00 and I haven’t been out to do chores yet.  Lovely.

Until later …