Another good ride

As I planned, I road Sudi on Sunday.  When I got him out, he was pretty fired up, but I loaded him and headed out.  I almost came back and got Safe Ace, but I didn’t.  Sudi was perfectly fine throughout the ride.  He takes a lot effort more to ride, with Ace I can just about float on him, so I’m pretty sore this morning.  I’m glad I don’t have to go to MM today, but if I did, I’d be okay, I’m not that sore.

Wally and I have been going back and forth on the issue of whether I should keep two horses or not.  Part of me says I should, but a bigger part of me says that given our current financial situation and that we do not have a large enough run in shelter for two horses (well, it really is big enough for two horses, but given how dominant Sudi is, if he decides another horse or other animal cannot come in, he’ll win), I feel like Ace would be better off in a home where he’ll have a solid barn to go into.  Ace is never going to be an easy keeper like Sudi is and we need easy keepers here.  It isn’t so much feeding him, it’s the shelter issue.  While we have a shelter in the lower pasture, it is not a very good one.

Wally has known a local family for over 30 years and he’s mentioned them to me on numerous occasions as family that maintain their good values.  The children are all involved in 4-H, they are home-schooled and do daily chores for an allowance.  The oldest boy saved money to buy a horse a while back, but the horse had a freak accident, broke his leg and had to be put down.  I told Wally to offer Ace to the family and they all came out to look at him yesterday afternoon while I was at South Mountain.  They all loved him.  The oldest boy is going to come out to ride him sometime this week and if it goes well, Ace will go and live with them.  They have a pony for companionship and a real barn for shelter.  Ace will be ridden by the children around the house.  He’ll have a very cushy life which is what he deserves.

I worry about something happening to Sudi and my not having a horse to ride, but if that happens, we’ll deal with it then.  I road Sudi Sunday barefoot and he didn’t chip a hoof which is pretty extraordinary given how rocky South Mountain is.  I tried to put Renegade boots on him, but because he overreaches, he took them off after just a few minutes of lunging.  I may not have had them on tight enough, but it may be that Sudi is not suited to wear hoof boots.  This was our fastest, longest ride yet.

I have not set out a ton of stuff to do today.  There’s no sense in getting angry with myself for not getting a million things done in a day.  I am going to get laundry done and the house clean and that’s about it.  I might try to get a batch of blueberry cornbread made up for Wally’s breakfast during the week; he’s been asking for cornbread for a while now and cornbread is pretty easy to make.  Wally doesn’t ask for much and when he does, I try to accommodate him.  The weather over the weekend was beautiful and it’s going to be really nice today.  I didn’t get row cover on the green beans, but they seem to have survived the recent cold.  We have four days of warmth before it gets cold again.  It’s still pretty chilly in the morning.  We do not have heat on, but this morning, I started the kerosene heater in the bathroom so Wally would have a warm bathroom to shower in.

Egg production is finally picking up.  We got nine eggs yesterday.  We haven’t had that many eggs in a long, long time.  I’m only milking four goats now, which is good.  I need to get that down to no goats in the next couple of weeks.  Gwen’s production has been good, but the store that carries the grain we’ve been feeding her ran out and won’t have more until next week.  What we have on hand isn’t going to last so I need to make some calls to find another source.  She’s been a bit fussy about the grain she eats lately, but whatever Gwen wants; Gwen gets.  We need a supply of milk over the next couple of months.  She’s due to come in heat again November 7.  I doubt CB will be big enough to breed her then, but maybe on her next heat.

I had a weird dream this morning: that Bank of America closed.  I need to pull my accounts from Bank of America before the end of the year and that’s been on my mind, still, it’s a weird dream.

We butchered the rest of the fryer rabbits Sunday morning and put them in the freezer.  When I took the last one out of the water I used to rinse it in, a yellow jack stung me and darned if that doesn’t still hurt.  Yellow jackets are nasty creatures as are Squash Bugs.  We have been invaded by Squash Bugs!!!  I think they are coming up from the pumpkin patch that is below our lower pasture.  While my landlord sprayed the patch with pesticides to kill the Squash Bugs, it didn’t really work and the patch is swarmed with them.  I went down a couple of days ago to see if I could get some pumpkins for the goats and Gwen, but all that is left are rotten.  I’ve never seen so many Squash Bugs.  When I put the blanket on Sudi to bring him home, I had to brush a dozen Squash Bugs off it.  I’m afraid I’ll never be able to plant squash here again.  There’s been references on the news about bugs that were imported to kill kudzu moving up from Georgia and now they are swarming houses in Charlotte.  While these bugs do eat kudzu, apparently they also eat other things like soybeans.  Lovely.  Not that we grow soybeans, but if they eat soybeans, they may eat other bean plants as well.  There’s just no winning against the bug war is there?

Until later …