No more goat milk

I went out yesterday and as usual, milked Gwen first and then got ready to do the goats.  I looked at the ones I had been milking and noticed that their udders looked slack.  Then they started to give me trouble coming out of the pasture: the ones I didn’t want to milk were running me down to come out and the ones I wanted to milk were holding back.  Finally I said screw it; I’m done milking goats and left them all up.

I want to sell all the goats and get another cow.  I prefer milking a cow over the goats.  It probably won’t happen, but I’d really like to sell them all.  I get this way around this time of year.  I’m plumb tired of dealing with goats.  If you treat a Jersey cow with kindness and consistency, they behave really well and I can get a whole lot more milk out of one cow than I can out of a goat and I prefer cow milk over goat milk.

Not looking forward to going to MM today.  I’ll bet the truck didn’t get put up last night and I’ll have to do it.  That’s fine, but this time, I’m not letting my prep work get behind because I’m putting away the truck. There are other people working who can take the time to help put up the supplies.  I do it because I can’t work without getting it out of the way.

This economy is frustrating.  The girl I have been riding with got laid off yesterday.  That means we’ll be able to ride some during the week and she should be able to find another job, but still …  you just never know.  I could go into work today and get laid off or fired.  Employees have lost their value; we’ve become a throw away commodity.  I so miss my old job; you know the one where I used my brain.  I just went on to the Metrolina Paralegal Association Job Bank and saw a few jobs listed, but I can’t drive to Charlotte every day with a 1998 model truck with almost 200,000 miles on it.  I also checked the unemployment job bank and saw there were a few jobs listed, but nothing that I’d either qualify for (manufacturing jobs) or would care to do (Lowe’s is hiring cashiers and floor people).

I’m having trouble getting the grain I’ve been feeding Gwen.  Unfortunately, it’s like candy to her and she doesn’t want to eat anything else right now.  If she doesn’t eat well, her milk production goes down.  I’ve upped her alfalfa hay ration and am hoping that the grain will be back in stock soon.  That’s on my mind too, Gwen really shouldn’t be lactating still, but she is and I’m grateful for it.  I hope I can keep her going at least until the goats freshen again or I decide to get another cow.

I guess the best thing for me to do right now is to get my butt in gear and get out and take care of the chores.  Moving around will probably make me feel better.  Hopefully I’ll get through another day at MM without mishap.  It’s rotten dreading going to work.  It isn’t so much that I don’t like doing the job, it’s worrying about what I’m going to have to deal with during the day.  It’s fear of impending doom; something I’ve always suffered with.

Now that I’m not milking goats, I have time to do other things like work in the garden.  Oh, and I still can’t get some of the rabbits to breed.  I’m about ready to make one into rabbit sausage.

Until later …