Moving on …

I woke up feeling pretty depressed.  I hate it when the alarm wakes me.  Usually I wake up a half hour or so before the alarm goes off so I have time to acclimate to the new day.  It’s so dark in the morning now it’s hard to get up.

I am supposed to go riding with my friend today and I’d like to cancel, stay home and be miserable, but I know I’ll feel better after riding.  It will cost me $15 for gas and while that may not be a lot of money, it’s two hours of working at MM.  I’ll go though; if nothing else, Gel will have a good time and I do want to check out the new place.

I wish there was something I could find to do on the side.  I posted on the local Craigslist my services as a farm sitter.  Heck, with all my experience with farm animals, maybe I could pick-up some part-time work to supplement my income.  I’d love to tell MM to keep their Saturday hours.  I want my Monday through Friday hours back.  I earned them!  Unfortunately they don’t see it that way.  I wrote to a woman I’ve been corresponding with at the Lincoln County unemployment office asking if she could please help me.  My resume is not getting any attention when I apply for office jobs.  I haven’t lost my skills; in fact, I think I’d be an even better employee now.  I’ve seen the other side and I don’t want to be there.

I should just stop worrying about what’s going on at MM and be happy for what I have.  There’s a girl working there, she’s in her late 30’s.  She’s been there since the restaurant opened.  She’s a single mother without a high school diploma.  She’s getting six shifts a week, probably working close to 40 hours.  She works the salad and sometimes the hoagie line.  I know she gets the hours because she’s good at her job, but I look at her and I am glad I am not where she is.  Even though she’s a good 15 years younger than me, my health is a lot better than hers is.  She’s always injured; her latest injury is her hands and she’s wearing splints on both of them.  Prior to that, it was her knee and she was wearing a brace.  She doesn’t have health insurance so she has to pay out of pocket for her doctor visits.  Should I resent her because she gets more hours than I do or should I feel sorry for her?  My health is good and I have a lot to look forward to outside of MM.  The one almost-full-time dishwasher got taken off day shifts Tuesday through Thursday and has to work nights in order to get his almost 40 hours per week.  He’s not scheduled to come into work until 5:00, yet he’s there at 2:00 every day.  Is it because he gets free pizza slices or is it because he has nothing better to do?  I certainly wouldn’t come into work three hours earlier to get free pizza.  He’s got a lot of health problems as well.  The other prep lady has a multitude of health problems.  She’s a few years older than me, but she looks 15 years older.  Is there something about the restaurant business that makes you unhealthy?

I think that people do not cherish their health as much as they should.  Maybe some people are conditioned to accept poor health as the way that it is.

Back to farm stuff.  We had barbequed rabbit last night and even though Wally over-cooked it (I may need to take grill duties away from him), it still had a wonderful flavor.  I didn’t stop at the grocery store to get the ingredients I needed to make sweet potato salad so we just grilled sweet potatoes and they were wonderful.  I’m really glad we got into the rabbit business.  I got one of the young American Chinchilla does to breed yesterday.  That’s encouraging.  Since she’ll be a first time mother, she may not take good care of her babies the first time around, but getting her bred the one time is progress.  Now if the only the other one will follow suit.

The goats didn’t have enough milk to justify milking them yesterday morning, but I will milk them this morning.  They are starting to dry off which is a good thing.  Gwen is still eating her food well so I think that problem has been resolved. That’s another good thing.

My farrier called last night and told me he had someone interested in looking at Sudi.  I told him that I’ve decided to keep him, but when I first woke up this morning, I told Wally that I should call him back and tell him to let the guy come out and look at him, but I’m afraid if I sold Sudi, I’d be very unhappy.  I’ll never find another horse like Sudi.

Today will be the last warm day, maybe for the season.  Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy with a high of 50 degrees.  Lovely.

Tonight is the last night of the auction that Wally has been going to every Thursday evening.  They are selling the property and the business via auction next week.  I hope someone else buy it and starts up another auction.  I don’t know what Wally will do with himself without the opportunity to rub elbows the the rednecks once a week.

Until later …