Fun Times!

Each day the puppies become more active and interested in things other than their mother. Last night I sat outside with them for about an hour. It’s hard to tear myself away from them now. I didn’t even eat supper last night I was so busy with them. Oh to be a puppy exploring the world. Everything is new and exciting.

The new enclosure worked well. This weekend I’m going to build something a little easier to get in and out of and one that will fit better in the area that I’ve put it. For now though, the puppies have an eight foot square enclosure to run and play in. Much more room than they had previously.

Tonight I’m going to set up a potty area in the enclosure and spend some time enticing them to eliminate in that one area. That will make clean up easier.

Hopefully this weekend a local nursing home will be able to get me and the puppies in for a visit. I did that in Boston when I was breeding cats. The residents loved it and it was a wonderful means to socialize the kittens. Gel is much too rambunctious to visit old folks, but Midge will probably go along as well.

Also scheduled for this weekend is an agility show and go. I am looking forward to that. It will be a chance for me to gauge where Gel and I are in our training. I hope to enter him in his first agility trial in October.