Freeze Warning!

We are under a freeze warning for tonight.  I’m on the fence whether I want to cover the garden beds or just let the frost kill off what little bit is still growing.  I don’t think the green beans are going to amount to anything.  I need to revise my crop planting chart and break out the planting dates so that the first planting date is in one column and the last date in a second so I can sort the rows into chronological order and plan accordingly.  One of my gardening problems is that I don’t get the plants started in time for them to produce.  I’ll probably cover the four long beds and mulch the four smaller beds and leave it at that.  I am hoping that the lettuce and greens that did germinate will go to seed, but I don’t know how long it takes for lettuce to go to seed.  I know arugula will self-seed pretty easily, but I don’t know about the lettuce varieties I have planted.

Right now, it’s 39 degrees right now with a light drizzle.  We put on the heat for the first time last night.  If there is a freeze tonight, that will mean the beginning of the end of the grass in the pasture.  Wally is going to pick up a round bale of hay on his way home from work today to put down in the lower pasture for the cows and horses.  We usually feed square bales, but two cows and two horses ought to go through a round bale of hay pretty quickly.  The only problem with putting a round bale down there is the goats and their tendency to climb on round bales.  We’ll need to see how that goes.  If they climb on it too much, we’ll either need to make an enclosure and cover for the bale (something we have already considered doing) or just not put the goats in the pasture.  Given that Wally gets home at around 3 each night and I’m only working three or four days a week, we can just leave the goats up when we are at work and then let them out in the afternoon to graze. They spend more time lazing around even when when they are in the lower pasture so several hours of access to browse should be enough for them.  The days that they can stay out all day are getting limited due to the weather.  I don’t mind leaving them out in rain if it’s warm, but not when it’s cold.  I wish we had a real barn.

Now that I’m riding Sudi pretty hard and the grass is not as nutritious or available, I’m going to have to start feeding him more.  His weight is still really good, but I don’t want him getting too thin.  I stopped at Tractor Supply on the way home and picked up a bag of beet pulp and one of rice bran.  I mix the bags into one can and soak the mixture with oats and barley.  We are still waiting on that boy to come out to ride Ace, which may happen this afternoon, or it may not; we’ll see.

Not sure where we are going to ride tomorrow.  There is a chance we’ll be heading back up towards the mountains to ride at a place called Bubba’s Beach, but I don’t know yet.  If we go to Bubba’s Beach, we’ll be going with another lady who knows the trails so we shouldn’t get lost again.  Otherwise, we’ll just go to South Mountain.  Now that I survived Thursday’s ride, I don’t think there’s anything at South Mountain that can scare me.  Needless to say, I am not going to be able to do too hard a ride because I’m still feeling pretty sore and tired.  We have no to-do list for the weekend.  Wally works today and I’ll know he’ll be tired.  If all goes well, we’ll both be off next weekend which will be nice.

I don’t know if I’ll milk the goats this morning or not.  Because rain was forecast, they were up most of the day yesterday with a bale of grass hay in their shelter.  I did not milk them yesterday; I really don’t want to milk them today.  If there’s any slackness in their udders, I won’t milk them.

I wrote a couple of days ago about writing the woman I know at the unemployment office for help.  She wrote back saying there were 130+ jobs in the Office and Administrative Support category in Catawba and Lincoln Counties.  I re-checked the search myself and found only 15, none of which were anything I could (or would) apply to.  I printed out the search results and e-mailed them to her; then she admitted she was wrong and said that while it was far away, in DC people regularly carpool and commute two to four hours one way to work because they cannot afford to live close to their jobs.  What is wrong with these people?  How can they think that it’s okay to commute even as many as two hours a day to get to work?  I know people do it, I used to do it, but no more.  There are ways to learn to live on less, but so many people are unwilling to do so.

Talking about people being too stupid to do things … lately there’s been a lot of instruction via news programs on how to close your existing bank account and open a new one.  Since when is this rocket science?  This morning, they were discussing Halloween and keeping track of your children via various apps.  Well, there’s one app that you can install on your telephone to turn off your incoming text messages, e-mails and telephone calls while you are following your children as they trick or treat so you could keep track of them.  Since when do people need apps to help them keep track of their children?

Bank of America just announced is going to waive the fee that they announced a while back on use of debit cards for some people, but now that they are going to waive this fee, it may have to close branches or lay off employees.  Maybe we’d be better off going to a cash only or better yet, a barter system.

Around the middle of next week, I’ll tell Mellow Mushroom that I can work Saturdays again.  I can’t afford to go down to just three days a week.  I hate this economy.  While I am not happy with my job, it’s a lot better than the job the lady at the unemployment office recommended to me: working at a call center where you had to work nights and weekends for $7.25/hour.  See, there’s always something worst than what you are currently doing.

Until later …