New babies

Remember the doe that I’ve been having trouble getting bred?  Well, I went into the pen tonight to give them fresh food and water and saw a dead newborn baby rabbit in the pen.  Okay … I then went to the dog houses and found a nest of seven babies.  The doe that I’ve been having trouble getting to bred apparently did breed.  By my best calculations, it was the young Californian buck that she lived with for two weeks.  I gathered up the babies and the hair that Pumpkin pulled and put them in a nest box and put them in one of the cages in the rabbit barn.  I put Pumpkin in with them.  Hopefully she’ll take care of them.  Oddly, the babies are black in color.  I would have thought they’d be orange or white.  The only other possibility is that the father was one of the American Chinchilla bucks.  Now I feel bad I was being so aggressive about getting her bred.

That’s the good news for the day.  The bad news is that something is wrong with Yoda.  I got to work fine, but as I was pulling into the parking lot of MM, I heard an odd rattling noise as if something was dragging under the truck.  I got out and looked and didn’t see anything.  Started moving again and heard the noise.  Great.  I called Wally at work to let him know.  I also called my friend Melissa who is a bit of a automotive mechanical expert to see if by chance she was heading towards Hickory today.  As it turned out, she was.  She stopped at MM and checked out the truck and didn’t see anything wrong.  I drove it a little bit in the parking lot, but it didn’t make the noise.  It didn’t make the noise again until I was halfway home.  So it’s at the mechanic’s and we are waiting to hear from him to see what’s wrong.  Hopefully it won’t be anything too serious.

Until later …