Yoda’s still sick

We thought he was better, but when Wally got almost home after picking up up yesterday afternoon, the noise started again. We dropped him back off with the mechanic early this morning and he’s going to tear down Yoda’s front hubs and service them.  That the noise doesn’t start until after the truck has been in motion for five miles or so makes me think it’s something related to the hubs getting heated up.  Hopefully that will fix the problem and it won’t cost too much.  The bill for the strut was less than we thought it was going to be, which was good news.

I was going to get together with a friend today, but that had to be cancelled because I have to go back and pick up Wally from work at 2:30.  On the way home from dropping him off to work, I stopped at the grocery store and picked up a couple of things including two chickens (marked-down!) which are now in the soup pot.  It will be a good night for chicken noodle soup.  Too bad Yoda can’t eat some.  You see some really interesting people in a grocery store at 6:30 in the morning.

It’s going to rain tonight so I need to get down in the pasture with the ATV and wagon and pick up as much hay as I can to put it under cover.  I’m afraid, however, there is not much hay left to be picked up.  Hopefully we’ll be able to construct a structure/round hay bale holder this weekend so we won’t waste so much hay.  As I write this, the horses are loose in the yard; I let them up so that they’d clean up what alfalfa hay Gwen didn’t eat.  Ace is starting to look a bit better.

Given that it’s going to be reasonably warm later today, I might spend some time outside getting things done.  I want to haul some rabbit manure down to the garden to put in the beds I am not planting in; in fact, I’d like to clean out most, if not all, of the rabbit manure and put it in the compost pile so I can start over in the rabbit barn.  I had been putting the hay the rabbits didn’t eat under their cages which makes it less useful in the gardens because the hay may sprout.  As of yesterday evening, the Creme doe’s babies were all doing fine.  The rabbits in the pen are doing fine; they were running around and bucking this morning.  They had started digging one hole which I need to fill in and cover with a square piece of concrete.  I think the Creme doe that just kindled was the one that started the hole, but it was bigger this morning.  If they continue to dig, however, I’ll have to put them back in cages.  It’s too hard to clean the run with fencing on the ground to keep them from digging.

Until later …