So what do I do today?

I’m off today, in fact, I’m off for three days in a row.  That’s a good thing, but to tell you the truth, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my time off.  I’ll be working next Saturday; I got my normal four days back at MM, but next Saturday, I’m not supposed to be in work until 10 (rather than 9:30).  I got out of work yesterday at 2, which turned out to be a good thing because we were able to pick up Yoda.  I think he’s fixed; I hope he’s fixed because we can’t afford to pay much more to fix him.  The mechanic that we use was fantastic.  I love it when we find great people like this … they are so few and far between.

Last night, I put the older Creme doe and the New Zealand doe back in cages.  I thought the Creme doe was pulling hair, but I think it was the New Zealand doe’s hair that the Creme doe was carrying around, then I saw the New Zealand pulling her hair.  Both does are due, according to my calculations, next weekend so neither of them should be pulling hair now, but who knows.  The buck was harassing them so I decided to put them up, leaving the buck with the two younger Creme does, one of which had a wound on her nose.  Maybe pen-rearing just isn’t going to work out, at least not for unrelated does.  I don’t know if the wound came from another rabbit or if she ran into the something in the pen.  Unfortunately, we are short on nest boxes so that is something that will need to be done sooner rather than later.  We’ll also need to figure out some sort of round hay bay holder.  I thought we got that round bale two weeks ago, but it was last Saturday that Wally picked it up.  That’s not good, a round bale should last longer than a week.  Granted, there’s a wagon-full of it in the hay house that I’ll put back out for them to eat, but I would think that a round bale would last at least two weeks, maybe three.  Because the hay is so soft, while eating it, they spread it all over the place and soiled it in places with manure.  Not to mention the goats were probably bouncing on it as well.

Last night’s supper was a flop.  The chicken soup that I started on Thursday did not work out the way I wanted it to.  I left the chickens in the soup pot too long and not only did the meat fall off the bones, the bones fell into little, tiny pieces in the water.  I pulled what I could out of the pot and then ran the liquid through a strainer in an attempt to catch all of the bones.  Picking through the meat for the bones, many of which were small as fish bones, became far too frustrating.  So I set it aside as dog and cat food (they were happy with it) and put some boneless breast in the water to cook.  Last night, I added pasta, carrots, peas and corn, but unfortunately, the soup had no flavor.  Wally rarely complains about what I cook and usually eats at least two servings, but he didn’t last night; I didn’t finish my bowl either.  I bit into a couple of tiny bones which made me ill.  Oh well, Rose and Gel will very happily finish it off.  So, tonight, I need to make something really delicious.  I dug through the freezer and pulled out some Italian sausages that I’ll saute with some onions, peppers, tomatoes and garlic and toss the mixture with pasta.  He’ll like that.  I also took out a rabbit that I’ll cook on Sunday.  Last Christmas, I made spare ribs with Sicilian flavors, which Wally loved.  I wasn’t so keen on it, but I really don’t like ribs.  I think the flavorings and cooking method of this recipe will work well with rabbit.  I still want to make the rabbit with black olive sauce so that’s a possibility as well.

We got a good bit of rain yesterday.  I uncovered the garden beds in anticipation of the rain, but they’ll need to get recovered tonight as it is supposed to go down to near freezing temperatures.  The garden looks good; I did not get around to putting rabbit manure on the beds I am not planting in and today would be a good day to do that.

The place where Wally goes to the livestock auction did not get sold as planned so they are still having the sale.  He went last Thursday and met a man coming into the sale with some large fishing nets that he was going to sell.  Wally bought one for $10 and he practiced with it a few minutes last night.  It works great for catching chickens!  So you rotten raping roosters, look out, you’s going to get caught and put in the pot!

I think I’ll go riding tomorrow, but to tell the truth, I do not feel an all-consuming desire to ride these days.  I think that’s partially due to the stressful week I’ve had, but I don’t know.  The time changes tonight so there goes our daylight hours; but that means more time to sleep!  We’ve been sleeping a lot and it seems to be agreeing with both of us.

Until later …