Back to the drawing board …

I sent a nice thank you e-mail to the couple I interviewed with and followed up with a telephone call around lunchtime yesterday, but the only response I’ve received was to my e-mail which was “thank you Michelle”.  I am going to assume it isn’t going to happen.  I’m not a very patient person and I don’t like waiting, but I do get the feeling I’ve been rejected.  So what else is new?  So I just keep plugging along knowing one day things will get better.

A friend told me yesterday that she would rather work for herself, that she was tired of working her butt off for someone else.  I know how she feels.  I wish I could find something that I could do for myself and make decent money doing it.  I guess I pretty much have, but I need to get better at it.  If I only could get the garden producing better.

I can tell you one thing, staying up past 10:00 PM is not a good thing for this body.  I really felt it yesterday.  I was very happy to get to bed early last night and get a good, solid night’s sleep.  We finished watching Water for Elephants; it’s a great movie!  Nice to see a movie with a happy ending!

When I got to MM yesterday morning, I learned that four people had been fired since I worked last.  Two pizza guys, one hoagie guy and one server.  So they are now frantically looking to fill shifts.  I waited until I was finished with my work before talking to the general manager.  I said to him, “you’ve been doing some house cleaning, huh?”  He said, “yea, it had gone on long enough.”  I don’t know what “it” was, but it’s no surprise the people who were fired.  I then suggested that maybe he ought to reconsider cross-training me and he said that yes, maybe he should.  So we’ll see.

As I write this, Gwen is doing her fog horn impersonation so I guess she isn’t bred.  I put her down in the pasture yesterday and both Spot and CB were trying to mount her, but she wasn’t standing for them.  When it gets light, I’m going to separate off CB from Spot and leave CB in the yard with Gwen.  Spot is the more dominant cow and while he’s castrated, he still wants to mount Gwen.  Gwen doesn’t need two cows trying to mount her, especially not at the same time.  Spot can’t be allowed out in the yard: he gets into too much trouble, especially with his horns.  It will be good to get Spot in the freezer.  Gwen’s milk production was down last night and I am assuming that’s because the two cows were harassing her a good part of the day and she wasn’t able to eat as well.  Then again, it may have been down because she was getting ready to come into heat.

Off to do my chores.

Until later …