Decisions, decisions, decisions

I’m supposed to go and visit my friend today to visit (I haven’t seen her in a long time, we are way overdue for a visit) and to get help with Sudi, but (1) I feel guilty about doing something fun while Wally is working; and (2) because I haven’t ridden in two weeks now (it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but I think it has) I am apprehensive about getting back in the saddle again.  Not to mention that my saddle and other tack is in pieces after I cleaned it after the last ride.  I am also thinking about things I could get done around the house today.  I sent Wally to work with a fried egg and cheese sandwich because I didn’t plan my PM meals well enough to have something to make a sandwich out of today today nor did I get chicken breast poached to make chicken salad in time to make the salad for lunch today.  So I feel guilty about that.  Chicken breast is poaching as I write this and the cats are anxiously waiting for their breakfast.  They’ll need to wait until it gets light enough to see outside so I can cut up their meat.  I’m quite sure I’m going to go and visit my friend because I know she’ll give me a lot of help with Sudi.  There was a time I was going to leave Sudi with her for finishing, but that never worked out.  She’s a very talented horse trainer and a really nice person.  She’s very, very willing to help out with any issues I have with my horses.

Yesterday afternoon, we brought Gwen to the dairy where I bought her and had her artificially inseminated.  There’s a chance CB was able to get her bred during the day, but I think he’s still too small.  Now, if the AI didn’t take, she’ll come back in heat around November 30.  Here’s hoping that she’s bred.  I did talk to the dairy owner about buying another cow and he said that he might have a couple for me to look at.  I’ll need to sell a couple of goats in order to afford to buy another cow, but I’m pretty sure that’s the direction I am going to go.  I really prefer the cows over the goats.  I’ll still keep some goats, but I’d really like to have two cows going.  It would be better for Gwen to have a companion.  Once we are sure she’s bred, we’ll probably sell CB.  Given how high cattle prices are right now, what we get for him might very well pay for another milk cow.  If Gwen is bred this time, she’ll calf August 18, 2012, almost two years from when she calved last.  I don’t know that I’d push her two years again.  Now that I know what her heat signs are and if I have another cow with her, I’ll be able to pinpoint quite accurately when she needs to be bred again.  I’d so much rather do a live breeding and if CB were just a little bit bigger, he’d be big enough to breed her, but there’s always the warnings that you hear that a Jersey bull is one of the most dangerous animals out there.  That may be, but I think a lot of the problems with Jerseys and dairy bulls in general is how they are raised.  We’ll see.  At this time, Spot is the one who challenges Gel some, CB is scared to death of him, but we did have a little bit of trouble getting him to go back down into the pasture last night, but that’s more due to him knowing that Gwen was dining on candy grain which he really wanted to try.

I guess I had better get out and get the chores done so that I can get the trailer loaded up.  It’s raining a little bit outside and it’s supposed to clear off quickly.  I do need to get the garden covered tonight because it’s going to drop below freezing, but it’s only going to be cold for a couple days before warming up again.

Until later …