My decision was made for me.

Thanks to rain, I won’t be going to see my friend today, but we did get to spend some time on the telephone and she gave me a lot to think about.  I’ve been frustrated because I know I won’t be able to afford to go to endurance rides.  I have been so frustrated depressed about it so often, I haven’t been riding as I should be.  Right now, I can’t safely ride Sudi around here and that’s a problem.  Sudi is not well broke, I know it, my friend (who rode him a while back) knows it.  Sudi has been ridden and that’s it; he’s got a good mind and he’s a good horse, but he’s not well-broke.  That he’s already got the bad habit of running through the bit means I’ve got a good about of remedial work to do with him before he’s to the point where he’s truly broke and in this case broke equals safe.  I don’t care for the term “broke” because I don’t want a “broken” horse, I want a well-trained, safe horse.

Ace is well broke.  He may give me some trouble riding around here because he wants to come back to the “barn,” but he’s well broke enough that he’ll behave himself enough for me to feel secure riding him.  That’s the beauty of riding Ace: I feel secure riding him.  I don’t feel so secure on Sudi.  I think I can work through these issues with Sudi, I just need direction and the commitment to doing it.

So, I think I need to take quite a few steps back and reconsider my options and goals.  What I think I should focus on is turning Sudi into one broke pony and forget about competition.  That may take a lot of pressure off me and make riding my horses that much more enjoyable.  One thing my friend said that really made me think was that she expects her horses to work, that we all have to work for a living.  It’s pretty stupid of me to keep two such nice horses as essentially pasture puffs.  As I walked back inside after going out to turn the sprinkler on in the garden (trying to get it really well soaked) I said to Ace, “you are going to start to work for a living.”

Let’s see how well I can keep up with that plan.  As soon as he dries off enough, I plan to go out, catch him, tack him up and go for a ride around here.  I am lucky that I can ride around here.  A lot of people have to trailer their horses somewhere to ride.

Until later …