Breaking out the barn coat …

I dug out my trusty barn coat this morning.  I froze my butt off yesterday morning with just a sweatshirt coat on.  I’m going to go back into the storage box I pulled the coat out of and find a hat to wear.  I love this barn coat.  It’s made by Berne; I bought it several years ago and it’s worn very, very well.  I have a pair of insulated coveralls that go with it, but I don’t wear them all that often.  I’ll be prepared for the cold this morning.

As expected, it was really busy at MM yesterday.  I worked seven hours straight.  I could have worked longer, but by 4:00 I said I had to leave.  The other lady wants the hours, she can have them.  There was a time I cared about that job; I don’t care any more.  That happened when they made the “business decision” and cut my hours in favor of the other lady.  Sure, she’s more versatile than I am, but that’s because they’ve refused to cross train me, probably because of “business decisions.”  Said “business decisions” mean decisions made to make more money for the owners.  Fine … one day I’ll be out of there.  They didn’t have the schedule posted yesterday so I have no idea when I’m working next week.  I doubt it will be any different than it has been.

Wally was about as excited about going to work today as I am.

I think I’m going to go riding at South Mountain on Sunday and will probably take Sudi.  I need to figure how why he’s taking his boots off and this would be a good opportunity to do so because we’ll do a relatively slow ride.  I hate that I lost the fitness that I originally had, but it should come back easy enough.  I thought about taking Ace, but I will probably keep Ace for riding around here and use Sudi for harder rides, at least until Ace gets more weight on him.  As cold as it is this morning, the grass in the pasture will likely be killed off.  I wish we could figure out a way to feed round bales without too much waste, but we can’t.  Soon there will only be the two horses in the pasture so it will be easier to feed them.  I flake hay off the round bale in the hay house and carry it down in a wheelbarrow, but a tote would probably work better, especially if we are feeding over the fence.  The hay is soft and light so it’s easy enough to carry.

I am going to call the dairy owner this morning and ask him to look at his cows to see what he might be willing to sell and then think about which goats I want to move on.  I’m going to cull the problem goats.  None of the ones I have are really problem goats, but there are some that can be difficult on the milk stand, i.e. ones that can only be milked on one stand; if they end up on a different stand they kick or act up.  I also need to think about the ones that take longer to milk out.  I also need to focus on does from my own breeding and move on those I bought from other dairies.  I made the decision and it’s now in motion.

Until later …