Looks like no babies.

Yesterday, I put the NZ and Creme does back in the pen.  Even though the NZ doe made a nest, I don’t think she’s going to kindle.  I wonder if the one Creme doe that kindled in the pen didn’t trigger her nesting behavior.  Of course, one or both of them could still kindle, but I’m thinking not.  Hopefully they’ll prove me wrong.  If not, then they’ll stay in there until they get bred and kindle.  They are both experienced does and I expect that they’d build a proper nest and take care of their newborns.  I’ll pull the two younger Cremes out when they are due to kindle to make sure that they use nest boxes and take care of their babies.

Before putting them in there, I put cattle panels on the ground and put straw over the panels.  Hopefully they won’t be able to dig through the panels.  They were in the process of digging to China or maybe France.

I think I have Wally convinced to set up another dog run next to this run to use for the Chin rabbits.  We have an extra dog run that we are not using.  I’ll add that to his list of chores for the week he’s off work.  We have two dog runs set side by side, one holds the rabbits and the other one is being used to feed the cats in.  I used to feed the cats in the house, but that caused all sorts of fighting and of course major messes.  They have a huge table in their run that I cut their meat up on.  I use flattened cardboard boxes that I bring home from MM as “dishes” and when their are through eating, the cardboard goes in the burn barrel.  I was using them for mulch, but squash bugs love to hide under cardboard mulch so I stopped using them.  This year, I think I’m going to be happy to have weeds grow in the garden because weeds = free rabbit food.

It looks like CB, the bull calf, is going to go and live at Imani Farm, a cooperative farm that is part of Earthaven Ecovillage in Black Mountain, NC.  I don’t think he could have found a better place to live.  He’ll live there over the winter and breed their cows then he’ll go in the freezer.  Good for CB!

I did not ride yesterday.  The wind picked up to 25 mph; I hate the wind and I hate riding horses in the wind.  It makes them spooky and I don’t need to ride spooky horses.  It’s gloriously warm outside now, but the wind is going to be high again today.  After I get out of the hell hole work I have to go and get meat scraps so by the time I get home and we get the meat packed up, I likely won’t have time to ride.  It starts getting dark at 5:30 now.  I can milk Gwen in the morning without lights, but not so at night.  Before I go to work, I have to undercover the raised beds so they can get the full benefit of the rain that’s coming today and tomorrow.  If I have time, I’ll probably try to do some weeding for rabbit food.  Yes, there are still weeds growing in the garden, especially under the row covers.

Until later …