I got fired today …

For taking browned lettuce scraps, vegetable peelings and ends of hams and turkey (after slicing them) out of the restaurant.  The thing is, I had approval to do this.  I’ve been doing this for as long as I’ve been at the restaurant.  The general manager followed me out of the restaurant this afternoon and told me that I was taking too much browned lettuce out of the restaurant to benefit myself.

I was floored!  I processed a whole case of romaine today and some of the lettuce was so rotten I threw it away.  I was going to tell Wally when I got home with the scraps not to feed them to the rabbits or goats because it was too browned.  The produce supplier they are using has been supplying us with inferior vegetables, especially romaine.  They knew it … we’ve had to throw a lot of produce away because it was not good quality.

Earlier in the day I threw away a half of a hotel pan of romaine (with management approval) that had been prepared on Sunday because it was too browned to be served.  It is my understanding if you do not properly clean the lettuce and leave too much of the browned leaves in the mixture that it makes the entire pan go bad that much quicker.  Lettuce prepared on Sunday really shouldn’t have looked that bad.

It seems to me that wanting to provide an excellent product for the restaurant’s customers would be important and that cleaning off all the browned lettuce was a good thing to do.  The specs for preparing lettuce mix and romaine state that you are supposed to removed the browned lettuce leaves.  I was doing my job!

The damned manager took my bag of scraps back into the restaurant.  I wonder if he isn’t going to go through it and put some of it back in the lettuce bin!

I took just as many scraps out of the restaurant on Saturday when the other lady prepared the romaine!

He said that the other managers had noticed how much I was taking out of the restaurant and that it had become a problem.  This was the first I heard of it.  I got no warning, he just fired me.

But maybe it’s a good thing.  That job was a serious dead end, it was a job and because I had it, I wasn’t looking as aggressively for another one as maybe I should have been.

Until later …