Trying to get my head around things …

I spent a good part of yesterday on-line filling out applications.  I’m trying my best to avoid retail jobs because I hate working in retail and I am sure the hours I’d get would not be ideal.  I may have no choice.

I know someone who works in the HR department at the Catawba County Government Offices.  There are two jobs available there right now.  One a part-time receptionist-type job and the other an eligibility specialist for the County’s food assistant program.  I’m not so sure I’d be terribly well-suited for that job, but you never know.  It would be a foot in the door.  I’ve been to Hell and back while working at MM so just about anything would have to be better.  At least one would think.

Of course now I can’t consider buying another cow.  A while back my farrier said he had someone interested in looking at Sudi, but I told him then that I had decided not to sell him.  I called my farrier yesterday and told him that if the people wanted to come and see him, then they could.  I can always buy another horse on down the road.  Ace will do until then.  I wouldn’t be able to sell Ace at this time, at least not to a decent home.  There are a ton of horses for sale on Craigslist, probably a lot of them are good horses, but the prices are very, very low.  If someone was in the market for a horse, now would be the time to buy one.  I may not even hear from these people interested in Sudi.

While I was looking for other jobs while working at MM, I wasn’t looking for them as aggressively as I am now because I had a job, it wasn’t a great job, but it was a job.  I sure hope they miss me there, but I’m quite sure the other prep lady has already got her daughter in there working.  That’s what she’s wanted since she was hired.  I wonder what everyone was told about my termination.  Probably that I was stealing produce.  I am going to miss a lot of the trash that I was bringing home on a daily basis.  I could go back and raid their dumpster.  Soon MM will be nothing but a bad memory.

It is sort of a good time for me to have time off as Wally is off all next week so we can have time to get things done.  We don’t have a lot of things to get done, but there are some projects that need to be accomplished.  I’m looking forward to having time with Wally and I am going to try to get some riding in.  It rained pretty much all day yesterday, last check on the rain gauge, which was at around 10:00 AM, we had two and a half inches.  It’s rained a good amount since then, it’s raining now, so we are probably up over three inches by now.  Areas south and east of us got really bad storms last night.  I’m glad they missed us.  When I was halfway through milking Gwen yesterday morning, it started pouring!  It was raining so hard, I couldn’t carry the milk bucket back into the house.  At least it’s not cold … yet.  That’s coming tonight.  Morning temperatures have been wonderful, we’ve been able to leave the back door opened all night, but things will have to get buttoned up tonight because it’s going to get down into the high twenties.  The weather has been an extreme roller coaster ride lately.  I’m glad to get the rain though.

The rain is starting to let up so I should get going and get the chores done.  It will be a muck boot morning.

Until later …

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  1. That stinks, losing your job. Though maybe it will ultimately be for the best—as you say, it was harder to look for a better job while you were working! Good thing you’re resilient!

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