Laying low …

I haven’t written in the past couple of days because I’ve been laying low; trying to to recuperate and as I said earlier, get my head around things.  I asked Wally last night if he was worried and he said no.  I wish I had his ability to live in the moment.  I’d be a lot better off.

Wally and I have done a few chores around the farm.  Yesterday, we cleaned out the goat shelter and took three large wheelbarrows of rabbit manure out of the rabbit barn and put them on the garden beds I am not using.

Really, we haven’t been doing a whole lot.  As soon as it gets light enough to see, we’ll head out and do the chores and then get Spot loaded to take him to the processor.  I have mixed feelings about that.  Spot is a sweet cow, but he has been quite willful lately.  I wish we had taken him a few months earlier because he’s lost some of his weight.  One of the many lessons learned.

We brought in a new dog to the mix: an Australian Cattle Dog named Narley.  So far, she’s doing really, really well and we are both enjoying her.  She’s calm and easy to be around.  For some time now, Wally and I have talked about getting an ACD to add to the farm.  I like their protective nature.

As you can see, she’s cute as a button.  We’ve been working hard at teaching her which animals belong on the farm, i.e. which animals she cannot eat.  At first, Gwen chased her.  That changed and I had to teach Narley that running Gwen was not acceptable.  She may be very useful in getting Spot loaded this morning.  These dogs are amazingly powerful little packages.

Training Narley has been interesting.  You can’t lure or force her into position, i.e. sit or down.  It took a while for her to learn to offer behaviors for food (she’s quite food driven which is a good thing), but now that she’s learned, she’s slamming that butt on the ground with great reliability.  She doesn’t put up with Gel’s crap which is a good thing.

If she doesn’t work out, she can go back to her original home.  Hopefully she’ll continue to do as well as she is.

Last night, I roasted a turkey breast with some sweet potatoes, onions and carrots with rosemary, olive oil, salt, pepper, honey and cranberries.  It was wonderful.  We are going to go to Wally’s sister’s house Thanksgiving evening.  I will probably cook our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday or maybe Saturday.  We’ll wait for the stores to mark down turkeys.  They are very expensive this year.  I remember last year, one local store was giving away turkeys with a certain amount of purchase.  Not the case this year, at least not yet.

I’ve seen a few advertisements on Craigslist with people advertising live turkeys for sale … that’s a tempting thought, but I don’t think Wally will go for it.

Keeping my fingers crossed that MM doesn’t contest my unemployment claim.  Once I hear about that, I’m going to try to close that door and go on.  Festering about MM is not healthy.  I toyed with burning all of my MM t-shirts, but that would mean I’d have to get replacement t-shirts to wear and I don’t need to spend that money plus I paid for them.

Until later …