On keeping young dogs away from stock

I finished most of Top Trainers Talk About Starting a Sheepdog; it’s okay.  I enjoyed reading all the different views on starting a young dog.  One question that was asked that was given essentially the same answer by all of the handlers was:  Do you let your little puppies just follow you around when  you are doing chores and such?  Most of the handlers said that they let the puppy follow along until they became keen on stock at which point, they are not allowed to accompany the handler.

There are times that I think I am too stupid to have Border Collies.  What does it take to either kennel, crate or tie out Fern and now Josey when I’m dealing with livestock?  Both Fern and Josey are gung ho to work ANYTHING that moves.  Josey is worst in that she wants to “work” the cats; Fern just wants to mess with them.  It can be a royal pain in the ass and very, very aggravating.

This morning I hadn’t taken Josey out of her run yet when I went out with Gel and Fern with the intent of moving the sheep and cattle down to the lower pasture and removing the chickens from the fenced-in area so that I could put Fern and Josey in that during the day today.  I’m not going to elaborate, but it ended up a mess.  I got mad at both Gel and Fern, absolutely and completely unnecessarily and put them both up in their runs.  Then I tried to move the sheep and cattle down to the lower pasture by myself.  It didn’t work.  I came back to Gel, in tears, telling him how sorry I was for being a stupid human and begged him to forgive me and to help me put the sheep and cattle up.

He obliged, dogs are so forgiving of our mistakes, I wish people were as forgiving, and we got done what we needed to do.

One day, maybe, I’ll learn to do things right.