Not feeling much like writing.

Brought Tootie to be spayed yesterday and was on pin and needles until we were able to pick her up.  Applied for a couple more jobs.  Did about an hour of ground work on Sudi, and learned some interesting things about him.  That’s about it.  It was cold and rainy most of the day: read: depressing.  Hopefully today will be better.

Still waiting on a decision on my unemployment.  Sure wish that would come through.  Woke up several times last night having severe anxiety attacks; haven’t had those in a while.

Took the two young Creme does out of the pen, put the New Zealand doe in there and now I’m waiting on Creme babies.  Hopefully they will come.  One older Creme doe is still in the pen with the buck.  I will leave them in there until they kindle; but if they don’t in another 30 to 60 days, it will be freezer camp for them.  As best as I can tell, the Chin babies are doing fine.  I added more hay to their nest in preparation for the colder nights.

Yesterday afternoon, I let CB (the bull) out with Gwen.  He was trying every which way to mount her, but she was having none of it.  Today is the day that she should come in heat, if she’s going to.  I wanted to expose her to the bull to prime her, if she is going to come in.  I sure hope she doesn’t.  CB is going to his new home on Saturday.  He was supposed to go yesterday, but the paddock area where we’d load him was a virtual lake.  Way too wet and muddy to bring in a truck and trailer.

The sun is supposed to be out all day today which will be very welcome.  While I was working Sudi yesterday, it was almost sleeting.  What I learned about Sudi is that he was not truly disengaging his hindquarters when I asked, he was spinning off his front end.  When I insisted that he use his back end he got a bit angry with me.  A few times he stopped and pawed the ground.  The ground was very, very slippery.  While I was working him, Ace raced up and down the fence line.  He was covered with sweat by the time I brought Sudi back.  I guess I can look at that as self-conditioning.

I can tell you one thing, I think I’ve finally found the right road with Sudi.  I just need to be patient enough for it to come to pass.  I mentioned a few days ago that we watched the movie Buck, we watched it several times in fact.  Take a look at this portion of the movie; his voice is calming and what he can do with a horse is amazing.  Hopefully it won’t get removed so I can keep going back to it.  Buck says that a horse is the mirror to your soul; I’ve heard the same thing about dogs and it’s certainly true with Gel.  Yesterday I spoke to a woman whom has worked with Buck in the past and every other year hosts a clinic with him.  We talked for a while about my issues with Sudi and she told me exactly what I thought she’d say: that riding him with a Kimberwick or a running martingale was nothing more than a crutch.  Interestingly, she has Arabs so she’s familiar with the breed and their idiosyncrasies (like the nose in the air business).  She is not hosting the 2012 Buck clinic; someone else is, but it is full with a huge waiting list.  No surprise.  She recommended another clinician coming to North Carolina the end of June so I’m looking into that.  Who knows, maybe in June my financial situation will be better.

I just got back in from milking and let CB out with Gwen.  He’s trying to mount her, but so far, she’s not standing, but she is calling, so who knows.  I’ll keep an eye on them throughout the day and if it appears that she’s back in standing heat, we’ll bring her back up to the dairy.  Fingers crossed.

Until later …