We’re going to be rolling in rabbits soon!!!

A new litter of Creme d’Argents was born last night.  I don’t know how many, all I did was stick my hand in to make sure they were warm and wiggling.  I’ll count them when it warms up later.  That makes four litters on the ground right now.  Wally asked if I’d take photos of the older kits today and when I do I’ll post them.  They are cute as damned buttons!  I particularly like the ones born from the older Creme d’Argent doe.  They are

Gwen did go back into heat yesterday and we took her to the dairy to be AI’d, but I think CB did manage to breed her.  Hopefully between the live cover and the AI she’ll take this time around.

I spent a good part of the day yesterday cleaning out the junk room.  It had truly become a junk room and was absolutely disgusting.  I didn’t finish it, I will today and it will be a good thing to have a neat, organized storage room.  I also finished putting up the summer clothes and got out the rest of our winter clothes.  Maybe this year I’ll be able to use some of my winter work clothes.

Today I have to go and get venison scraps and get my knives over to the local knife sharpener in preparation for butchering roosters.  I figured I could kill and clean them and use them to make broth and feed the meat to the dogs and cats.  Yesterday, I used a half gallon of the broth that I kept from the last rooster to make sausage soup and the flavor was extraordinary.

Three potential jobs came up on the unemployment web site so I wrote to my contact at that office to find out more about them and to see if she could find out anything about my claim.  Hopefully I’ll get good news.

Narley proved herself to be somewhat useful yesterday.  A buzzard was flying overhead and she barked at it until it flew off.  Good girl.  She’s starting to settle in with the cats and even shared the ottoman with two of them last night while we were watching television.  I need to keep on her though; frequently she thinks that recalls are optional.

I’m finishing up my last cup of coffee before going outside.  It’s 28 degrees outside, and of course it’s not going to warm up any time soon.  It was wonderfully sunny yesterday so I got quite warm while I was working in the junk room.

I guess I can’t put off going outside any longer.

Until later …