Finger Update

Yesterday started out rough, but ended very, very good.

My finger was bad and so was my mood.  My homeopath switched my remedy to Causticum.  Within an hour after taking it, I could feel the heat and tension leaving my finger.  It felt like it was evaporating away.  By the time I got home, I felt pretty darned good!

Marcus and I had planned to get together last night.  It was his son’s night to stay with his mother.  You may recall that Marcus is the man who lent me the cattle.  I wrote about him a while back.  I called Marcus on his cell around 6:30 and asked “what’s up?”  He replied, “you.”  I asked if he was still coming over and he said that he was finishing up and would be there shortly.  I asked him if he had eaten yet and he said no so I told him not to.

On the way home I stopped at Reid’s which is a small, pricey grocery store in the center of Charlotte and picked up some ingredients to make “Hobo Packs” which consist of chicken and vegetables that I season with herbs, garlic and olive oil, seal in aluminum foil and then put on the grill.  They are easy and require virtually no attention on the grill other than turning them occasionally.  Then I puttered around until Marcus arrived.

When he got there we walked down to where the cattle and sheep were fenced.  He was very impressed with how the calves looked and the ElectroNet set-up.  He’s going to lend me a small riding lawn mower when it comes time to move the ElectroNet so I don’t have to kill myself (or my push lawnmower) going through the tall grass.

We got back to the house and ate.  The meal was good, even if the veggies got a bit burned.  I usually use heavy-duty aluminum foil to make Hobo Packs, but didn’t have any on hand and used regular aluminum foil.

After we ate, we got on the ATV and I took him down back to show him my special places.  He was duly impressed.  We got back just as it got dark, put up Fern and Josey then went down to bring up the sheep and cattle and put them up.

Then we went down and sat on the dock for about an hour talking, drinking beer, throwing sticks for the dogs, listening to coyotes howling and bull frogs bellowing, then went up to the front steps and talked some more, then I sent him on his way.  It was hard, believe me, it was so hard.  Using a dog and a pile of cats for warmth is good, but … It’s been a long time since I’ve had any interest in a man.  It’s scary and exciting at the same time.  The attraction is mutual, which is way cool!  I was concerned he might only be interested in my dogs.

When I finally got into bed I wished I had invited him to stay because I suffered almost the entire night with night terrors.  Night terrors are particularly vivid nightmares, and mine can be bad.  I haven’t experienced them in quite a while and I expect the Causticum brought them on.  That’s okay though.

Today, the finger feels pretty darned good.  It’s flaring up a bit now that I’ve been using it to type, but it’s a whole lot better than it was yesterday at this time.

I feel that I am just beginning a wonderful journey.